Lazada offers excellent payment package for Filipinos nationwide

pay cash

Lazada Philippines isn’t far from dethroning Ebay from being the No. 1 leading e-commerce website. If we’re talking present recognition, Lazada would sweep off the competition easily. As the Golden Globe Annual Award’s 2013’s Best Online Shopping Website, it has definitely succeeded with flying colors and I on the other hand have gotten my hands on a pot of gold. In the one year Lazada has been producing outstanding line ups of products day after day. It has consumed over millions in profits from numerous Filipinos nationwide. It has captivated the hearts of many not just solely because of its groundbreaking number of items for sale but also the service that comes along with each purchase. The latest of which is the Installment Payment Method under the Philippines’ leading bank, Banco De Oro. It is the most used payment method under the prestigious online website for reasons far more compelling than what is seems.

Banco De Oro has honored its customers who purchase from Lazada with a lengthy available time for payment. Customers can now avail of BDO’s monthly installments that can last up to 24 months or 2 years. BDO and Lazada users can choose the length of payment of their choice with a minimum requirement of P,3000 worth of purchases. In addition to this already wonderful deal, Lazada gives free delivery to all purchase worth P1,000 and beyond. Other services include a 14-day Return Policy that gives customers refunds and exchanges for default items whether it be of the wrong color or is malfunctioning and not in accordance with its descriptions.

But the BDO payment method isn’t all that is being raved about. The Philippines’ leading online consumer brand also have the payment method, Cash on Delivery that entitles customers to safe keeping of their money until expected delivery date of package. No prior financial engagements have to be accomplished besides the filing and submission of the order form. PayPal, MegaLink, MasterCard and VISA are four of the other choices which all types of customers can avail.

Online shopping has become more influential over the years and its payment methods like these that make such transactions attainable to all kinds of customers. With all of these options available for the choosing of each customer, more people will feel enlightened and secure with their purchases increasing the number of potential online buyers. Because of such high demands on diverse items nationwide, online stores have had more opening for such line of work making it possible for equal opportunities among Filipinos in terms of item purchases. How I hated being left out back in high school because Bataan had so little items available for sale. Now, online stores especially those delivering in all parts of the Philippines can get in the game without feeling left out. Thanks to LBC and 2GO, the two official partners of Lazada in shipping, Filipinos everywhere can be part of a generation whose lives revolve around the latest fads. Because let’s admit it, we all want what’s IN.


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