Lazada Philippines: How to Identify Fraud from Safe in Online Shopping


It seems wrong to judge without ever giving something or someone a chance to prove him or it. And so how is it that it’s acceptable to talk falsely about ventures that just so happens to be unfamiliar to the majority of the dominant population?

E-commerce selling for instance can be seen as an unnecessary form of managing transactions as it promotes a lot of deception. In simple words, it doesn’t seem trustworthy at all and measuring its reliability would be impossible to do. But that’s how ignorance can affect progress especially in the way economic growth chooses to evolve itself as.

There are many ways to properly determine whether an e-commerce website can be relied on or not. One can simply try reading reviews about popular e-commerce sites and base his or her decisions there. But that can be very subjective and also be inaccurate. Some websites just experience bad luck and like it or not, human error cannot be completely disregarded as a factor for certain shortcomings. And if that very person who happens to experience that one in a million strike of bad luck decides to write blog over the thousands who were satisfied, then the odds become in the favor of e-commerce selling looking like a complete fraud.

Most people count on word of mouth though. Experiences from friends or constituents make or break certain decisions that should be made separately. If you like a site based on personal experience but hear from a friend a bad review, chances are you immediately change your mind about giving it a try and instead allow yourself to be swayed by other people’s opinions. What if your friend was just unable to process its order correctly affecting the type of service she received from what she expected? And it just so happens that the site you liked all on your own was one of the few sites that actually offered the best deals?

But the most trustworthy way of finding out if an e-commerce site has been tried and tested or is secure enough to give out personal information to is through seals of approval and registration. Some websites go through all the trouble of getting registered under the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI. But remember that it’s not enough that you see the seal and the reference number. If you’re too scared to risk it, take your time and do some cross-referencing to see if the information they deem as theirs are really true. Also, there are agencies that assess website securities. These agencies test the protocols, services and programs websites use to keep personal information intact within the company.

A foreign online venture company for example owns Lazada Philippines. Despite that company being Rocket Internet, a popular venture company recognized worldwide, it’s not enough to think or assume it’s safe. So to make its customers feel more protected, it went through a series of tests under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS. PCI DSS certified Lazada of successfully passing its Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and PCI DSS Security Scan proving that the IT systems being used by the company are well protected from being hacked by outside sources. A seal of approval from PCI DSS assures customers of protection from fraud making it just as safe as buying over the counter.



Why Lazada is a Good Success Story

goalUnderstanding E-commerce can be quite challenging especially if you don’t come from the generation that was really spoon fed with so much technology. If you feel a bit ashamed for not knowing so much, you’re not alone. I once faced this lack of knowledge but it took me only a day to get the information enough to get encouraged to try it out.

The local e-commerce industry has heightened in supporters, funding, sales and many more in a span of 5 years. It is an improvement that has been so long overshadowed by the other industries in the Philippines. But this neglect was not enough to put e-commerce website owners down because true enough, they received their much deserved attention gaining acknowledgement from award-giving bodies outside the country.

Lazada is one of the most outstanding e-commerce websites in the Philippines today. After only a year from being launched, it manages to gain acknowledgement for superb service from both its customers and critiques. During its first year anniversary, it became the talk of the town and by town I mean, Facebook. A clear testament to how wide its network is and how far they have come.

It has over 20, 000 products currently up for sale and have more than 12 categories currently still being improved that has made it the best shopping online mall a lot is claiming it to be. It accommodates diverse types of Filipinos from parents looking for the easiest way to get her family’s house furnished to a teenager trying to update her entertainment library with books and music. Anyone with something in mind would surely find something from this website that would tickle their funny bone. Its services include having a hotline open daily even on holidays, a 14-day return policy that allows customers to return their order for a refund or exchange, a delivery service that can possibly be free of charge with a minimum purchase of 1, 000 and many more.

Some online ventures choose to focus on a specific type of product, which isn’t bad, but it also isn’t maximizing the exposure it luckily was given the privilege to make use of. Because the internet can be tapped by everyone and almost everyone has gained knowledge on how to make use of a simple mouse or touch screen, the possibility of reaching out to more than a million people in a second isn’t as thin as it was before anymore. It’s actually very possible which makes he whole idea of selling online exhilarating.

Lazada is putting its two cents on Filipino consumers that with just the right amount of products and pricing, it too can make it as legendary as the other ventures that came before. E-commerce can be simply explained as a form of buying and selling. The channel of it being the internet. Now, if you’ve made a purchase online and you liked it, you’re part of the population that affected the success that it is currently enjoying. Be proud! 😉



New iPhone 5c available at Lazada


The new iPhone 5c is finally out and available on Lazada! Finally, a range of iPhones is out for everyone to get their hands on. Though it’s still a little pricey for a phone, given that it’s by Apple and it has the unique features that come along the generally designed iPhone, I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. I still think it would have never come into existence if Steve Jobs were still alive. It was all a myth before but now, it’s finally available in selected stores online and in malls.

You can check out the available units at Lazada Philippines. They have units in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Though the colors are still very limited in terms of the gigabytes, the numbers of stocks they have are decent to accommodate the avid Apple fans that have been waiting for so long. Though the last time I checked, certain colors had less than 5 stocks each left. It’s available in black, blue, green, yellow and pink.

If it’s your first time checking out the site, you won’t have a hard time finding it because it’s one of the large banners part of the rolling promo ads it has on its homepage. As of the moment, they are priced a little lower than P30, 000 but who knows how low it can go with the unexpected discounts Lazada comes up with every once in a while.

This online shopping website has been known for creating the most talked about promos and sales online and knowing how it always gives back and it knows how to keep its customers guessing and wanting more, the odds of it putting the newest iPhone 5c on sale is likely.

Apple products have long been correlated to status and professionalism with its sleek internal and external designs. But with new iPhone 5c and iOS being released almost at the same time, adults that are young at heart can finally feel more comfortable with the help of the new releases of Apple.

The Apple 5c comes with a 4-inch LCD touchscreen and 8-megapixel rear with LED flash. The front camera has been upgraded to 1.2 megapixel. With the iOS 7, Filipinos can store more in their 16-gigabyte internal storage with 1-gigabyte RAM. With its dual core 1.3GHz CPU A6 chipset, anyone can be just as impressed as any regular iPhone user.

Lazada has always been popular for having the latest technological devices from cameras, tablets, and laptops to cellular phones. It was also one of the first resellers of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini when both were released early this year. If you’re apprehensive because you think it’s not as flexible and tolerating as offline shops, don’t get ahead of yourself. Just like resellers in malls, it also accept credit card payments even allowing installments under Banco De Oro (BDO) transactions for up to two years. Now, what else are you waiting for? Grab the latest gadgets online and be the first in your clique.


A Way to Affort and Manage Your Monthly Expenses through Lazada’s Terms of Payments

lazada's terms of payment

Don’t think you’re given enough slack for shopping with your kind of lifestyle? In this generation, everything we once thought was out of reach can now be made into reality. And flexible rates and payment methods are just few of the innovations we shopaholics primarily benefit from.

Anywhere you look, people are on their phones, typing on their laptops in coffee shops, playing with their iPads in the airport, etc. Basically, every single one of us has become a slave to technology. Hopefully, it’s by choice. But if you are struggling to put your obsession to good use, look no further. You don’t have to stay away from your gadgets to be productive. You can always try to find ways to make your errands work for you through means of the Internet.

I for one make use of the Internet to buy my necessities. Online shopping has helped me tremendously in juggling my priorities. But what really puts a smile on my face is my ability to afford the majority of what I need (majority because I need a car but that I can’t afford lol). With flexible rates, I get to choose among options that are within my means. But unlike before, it’s possible to get good quality deals at very low prices. It’s not like how things were before where cheap resembled poorly made.

Installments make my life a whole lot easier as compared to straight payments. Now, anyone with the right card at hand can pay in equal monthly installments with very little interest. With Lazada and Banco De Oro working hand in hand, you can pay in installments with no interest at all. Not to break it to you but being able to distribute the load on my monthly expenses help me survive with the very little pay I get each month.

Lazada has five user-friendly terms when it comes to payments. Cash on Delivery is there only method that requires actual cash. But don’t be intimidated by it. Because if chances are you can’t come up with the money now, there’s always the other forms of payments like through credit card, PayPal, etc. You can check for more information regarding its current acceptable terms for payments.

I wouldn’t choose on buying anything if you don’t have the actual amount with you but if there comes a time that you are in dire need of something specific and the only way of getting it is through credit, then I guess that’s reasonable enough.

You can choose the manner on how you wish to pay for your purchases and at the same time be able to buy it at very reasonable prices. Most of the items I have seen on the site are sold at lower prices as compared to its normal rate in malls. Also, the purchasing process saves a lot of money on transportation money whether it’s gas or public fares. If you buy over a minimum purchase of P1, 000 then the delivery of your order/s are automatically shipped without charge.

Lazada Philippines: Online Shopping Services at the Comforts of your Doorstep

web shop2

Don’t look too far when wanting to go all out with your monthly or in my case, seasonal shopping. I hate shopping and not having enough room in my car to bring home my bags. Not because I bought so much but I have too much clutter in my car’s trunk to make room for any additional items. And since I live alone, getting out of the car is always humiliating.

My mom who lives abroad suggested buying online instead especially if the things I buy are the usual that I don’t have to try out anymore. She sends me shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, etc. and since I always use the same thing, she opts to buy online and get it delivered to my house directly. It makes her not forget about getting me my essentials despite living so far away. She’s always online skyping with my siblings and me anyway. She has always suggested to me shopping online instead but I never took into consideration because clothes just seem too complicated to order over the Internet.

But now that I have everything I need to kick-start my working lifestyle, I guess online shopping makes more sense now. Like now that I’m refurnishing my house and I know exactly what it is I want to replace my old stuff with, buying online seems more practical. And plus I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it inside the house since delivery comes with online mall purchases.

To give you an idea of how it works, I’ll tell you about the time I bought online and how a lot easier it was for me. I bought a water heater, two storage stools and a photo frame in set of 3 from Lazada around two months ago. Some of it were discounted so I guess I made a pretty good decision.

Now these are the items I know I wouldn’t have to personally see to tell if I want it. The water heater was in pink, the two storage tools were foldable and both came in prints of my choice. Polka dot was my choice. And the photo frame had a sleek design in black. It was delivered in my house 2 days after. I paid in cash when it was delivered. That’s optional though. You can choose whatever method of payment is comfortable to you. As far as I remember, they have about 5 payment methods.

I didn’t pay for delivery service because my purchases were worth over P1,000. And that applies to everyone. Any transaction below that will require fixed rate payments depending on the location of delivery. The deliveries within metro manila are P55 while outside metro manila, you can be charged P99. But don’t worry about your location whether it’s too provincial because Lazada delivers nationwide.

So I got it delivered to my house for free and I didn’t even have to get out of the house to make it happen. I mean, if you can see yourself doing this maybe it’s a good idea to try it out. I swear it’s less stressful and more manageable.

Lazada Introduces World Class E-commerce Service to the Philippines


According to the most popular social media website today called ‘Facebook’, Lazada Philippines took the number one spot as most talked about consumer brand early this year. Why? I think the question you should be asking is, “Why not?”. It would be too long of a blog if I had to list down every possible answer to why Lazada is getting so much recognition this year. I guess it comes with the territory as it was named by the Golden Globe Annual Awards as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013. But one thing about this website that people fail to acknowledge is the reason behind its outstanding performance all in one year.

Its story begins with the builder of the said site created over a decade ago called Rocket Internet. This online venture company is known to be one of the biggest and most successful company in their line of work worldwide. Covering over 50 countries all over the world, its ventures reaching up to a hundred and over were able to establish itself and grow as separate units. Rocket Internet is owned by business moguls by the last name of Samwer hence their popular nickname of the Samwer brothers comprised of three amazing and talented individuals. The Samwer brothers created Rocket Internet in the roots of pipe-playing and supermodel, Heidi Klum. Germany perhaps can brag about its e-commerce industry in such a way that the Philippines can only dream of.

Lazada’s affiliated with Zalora and both are under the direct supervision of Lazada’s international professional management team. As one of the leading e-commerce websites in the Philippines, it upholds an image responsible for ultimate customer satisfaction provided through multiple forms of services. The aforementioned site convinces Filipinos to make room for its services through customer policies, benefits, discounts, promos and affordable rates. Its services include methods of payments entertaining both debit and credit payers, shipping available nationwide, a daily active customer service hotline, 14-day return policy to give priority to customers with items that have been mishandled, damaged, etc. It has over 20,000 items from baby diapers to house furniture made by local and international manufacturers. The items sold in the website are also normally always better in pricing making it a no brainier to purchase online instead of offline. Discounts go as high as 90% depending on the season or occasion being honored. Special promos are also made dependent on the themes set up for the week.

Because of its alarming (In a good way) number of loyal supporters and casual buyers, it expanded its service centers to over a hundred locations spread out in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Also, payment methods were also improved. It introduced its installment-based payment method a few months ago where customers can pay up to 2 years exclusive for Banco De Oro (BDO) cardholders. A very good customer benefit straight from top-running local companies. As one of the 5 locations of Lazada in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has definitely created an influential website that every Filipino can be a part of.

Lazada Philippines: Most Talked About Consumer Brand on Facebook Impresses Filipino Online Consumers

smiley faceBesides being the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook, Lazada Philippines has just been awarded the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 award by the Golden Globe Annual Awards. And for an online shopping website only running for a little over a year, I say that’s more than enough reasons to keep people curious. Just what does make Lazada such a good catch that it was able to gain so much recognition in so little time?

An online venture building empire called Rocket Internet owns Lazada. Three brothers own it by the last name of Samwer who are based in Berlin, Germany. As one of the top venture builders in the e-commerce industry, its standards and quality of service have immensely heightened throughout the years. For more than a decade, it has given online consumers a reason to keep looking forwards to more surprises online. With ventures in 5 continents and over 50 countries, Rocket Internet has built an empire with top of the line e-commerce companies. Lazada Philippines is just one of the five Lazada counterparts in Southeast Asia. It currently has branches in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

With worldwide quality of service come expectations. These expectations were reached in different forms. Customer service, delivery terms, modes of payments and return policy are just among the many ways the said online shopping website was able to reel in over thousands of Filipino online buyers. But the company isn’t just good at providing goods and merchandises for customers. It has also provided a generous amount of employment to Filipinos each gaining life-changing experiences through international department heads and mentors.

I have been regularly scanning the website’s promo deals, and in that short amount of time, I have observed three things. First, the selections of items they carry on hand are just like any other stores in malls. All items are up to date and are in line with what is demanded by the consumer market. Second, the items are valued at very reasonable prices. Discounts are spread out in all types of categories some of it reaching up to 70% on a regular selling day. For seasonal promos, more items impossible to pass on are marked down up to 90%. Basically, everything becomes a bargain making shopping a daily obsession to many. And lastly, the company comes up with consistent deals and promos that favor methods of payment, delivery processing and many more.

Under the circumstances that a potential consumer cannot afford what they want, they can choose to pay in equal monthly installments up to 2 years with no additional charge or interest. For customers in a rush and are in desperate need of their respective necessities, a one day delivery promo can be availed on selected items. And for those customers not capable of losing control, the online site once held a Lazada Promise offer that allowed customers to monitor the progress of their orders informing them if the item has been processed or is in the middle of delivery.

Continuing a legacy Rocket Internet has phenomenally known for, there is no doubt in my mind that Lazada will be able to outdo all record-breaking number of sales in the years to come.