Lazada Philippines, an Online Refuge to many Filipinoes

Lazada Philippines, one of the most popular online sites in the Philippines today has definitely made an impact beyond its wildest dreams gaining recognition from the Golden Globe Annual Awards and Facebook after only a year of service. But who wouldn’t be drawn to the charm this online shopping sensation has? It possesses all the major factors essential to a sure shot success. After being launched in early 2012, Rocket Internet, the 2nd biggest e-commerce website in the world gained its much deserved support from international online investors only months later. J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Summit Partners and Verlinvest are only some of the many funders of the popular online site reaching more than 100 million U.S. dollars in invested capital. Now you don’t hear that so often happen to online sites firmly focused on the Philippine market.

are you an online shopper

The picture you see above was taken from Lazada’s official Facebook face. It contains some of the interesting facts about the company including its mission to provide 100% customer satisfaction and convenient cash on delivery payment method. It was named as the top talked about consumer brand on Facebook in the Philippines and is continuously gaining more followers beating its already outstanding number of more than 1,000,000 likes. As illustrated above, Lazada gives out P200 worth of gift vouchers to any newsletter subscriber. The said voucher can be used to pay any item with no minimum price. Also, a minimum purchase of P1000 entitles a customer to free delivery anywhere in the Philippines brought to us by LBC and 2GO, the official delivery companies Lazada is currently partners with.

With more than 20, 000 products available and a big percentage of it being marked down, it becomes every bit of what Filipinos consider as a guilty pleasure. But this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because so much is saved with one single transaction. A lot of Filipinos can find refuge in this online site as it delivers nationwide and with very little technicality sometimes even none at all. It has 5 different modes of payment to choose from including Cash on Delivery, Credit Card payments and PayPal. But the Banco De Oro promo is undeniably the most considerate term of payment out there allowing customers to choose from a month to two years span of installments. If before, not having all the money needed to purchase an item eliminates you from the race, now, you can get whatever you want and take as long as 2 years to earn the money. Imagine buying something on sale on top of that. Online shopping has definitely redefined itself through Lazada’s creative and impressive deals.

Exercise your right to maximize online utilities. Be part of the new generation as it takes advantage of every possible application there is to be done in the Internet. We are blessed to be part of such a progressive system and it would be a shame to let opportunities pass us by that possibly could help us in many ways. There’s no shame in allowing yourself to participate especially when the benefits are ridiculously good.


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