Lazada Philippines: The Potential of Philippine E-commerce Heightens

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Belittling the potential of the Philippines is possibly the biggest advantage our economists have because of the room left for improvement. This especially has become even more of a competitive edge because no neighboring country expects us to excel above them. But the Asian e-commerce industry definitely has something to be scared of with the overflowing number of investments Rocket Internet has been receiving for the development of Lazada.

Lazada Philippines isn’t just an e-commerce site fad. Its goal is to establish itself in local grounds and introduce a whole different form of shopping in the most convenient way possible. Lazada’s concept revolves around what every Filipino shopper is after. Its goal is to provide a selection that composes of what Filipinos generally need or want and make it available online with the smallest effort put in possible. It also aims to offer its products at very affordable prices if not through its normal market price but through promos and discounts. Since a lot of Filipinos are fond of sales and discounts, the idea of it being possible through online purchases becomes even more appealing. The market this type of online selling site can cover is endless because even children are on a budget with so little allowance they get everyday. Children are no longer preoccupied with physical and outdoor games. Instead, they go online, check their Facebooks and in time discover what other wonderful applications there are present in the Internet.

As of the present, Lazada proudly presents more than 20, 000 good quality products in different brands and categories available for delivery nationwide. It currently has 14 very distinct categories including their very recent installment of Lazada High Street, which promotes products showcased in various themes. All these items come with detailed information from sizes, colors, brands, usage, texture, additional parts and many more. Each item can be viewed in high definition and be zoomed to give the most realistic feel possible. After all, not everything has to be touched with our bare hands to be given life. Looking at something and in high definition at that is enough to give us a clear picture of what is being shown.

Lazada is this year’s titleholder of the BEST online shopping website award from the Golden Globe Annual Awards and was named as one of the most talked about consumer brands on Facebook Philippines in May of 2013. For a website that was only launched early February of last year, the number of recognition it has received is truly commendable. Besides it being very easy to access, this one-of-a-kind online shopping website provides exclusive services. Right now, it offers 5 very user-friendly methods of payment including the favorite, Cash on Delivery (COD), which is the closest to an over-the-counter payment. It is also by far the safest in terms of the information required to submit for the purchase to be completely processed.

The Philippines was never known for its competitive e-commerce websites but with the birth of Lazada and the other sites Rocket Internet is working on, who knows just how far the Philippines can go?


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