Lazada Philippines: What will it take to make Filipinos step up to a challenge with no assured consolation prize?

consolation prize

It took a multi-billion dollar company to make an impact as big as what Lazada Philippines was able to create in a length of less than two years. Garnering recognition from the elite group of the Golden Globe Annual Awards as the best online shopping website for the year, it has become a household name and a favorite of many. It contributed greatly on the growth of many entrepreneur aspirants by giving them a national gateway for exposure that clearly took effect on their sale rates. Clearly, Lazada did more than just showcase both local and international products. It helped establish an already deteriorating industry that showed so much potential.

Multiply was unsuccessful in rebranding their one phenomenal social network and this caused great dismay on both the sellers who invested so much of their time building their own personal sites and the buyers who have declared loyalty to their respective user favorites. This took a toll on many future endeavors in relation to online selling. But all the hopelessness were overshadowed by pleasant intensity after e-commerce evolved into so much more than was expected by society. Lazada certainly has made it known to all that online selling is not dead and if anything, it was just starting to blossom into something stable.

Online shopping is not the typical go-to option of many Filipinos when it comes to accomplishing their daily chores or duties. But perhaps this very perception caused the concept of online selling to deteriorate. The profitmaking aspect of the business was greatly affected and a huge part of it was caused by the lack of support and trust of customers. This showed immensely how little space for growth it was capable of then. The undeniable lack in faith made it more difficult for investors to fund projects.

But thankfully, the second largest online venture company saw no reason to back down from a fight they have been consistently winning over the years. Rocket Internet defied all the odds and true to what it claimed, they now stand on top of the ladder receiving multiple hits and sales everyday.

The lesson here isn’t that only big companies can make a difference. It is that for something to grow, someone must be willing to stick to it despite the signs of very little progress or sometimes no progress at all. Determination can create the most unheard of successful stories. Rocket Internet had to start small. It has been making online miracles for more than a decade now and around the time it started, the e-commerce industry internationally was just growing. It had to earn its stripes by clearly defining their goal and ability to stick to what they started. Filipinos rely on benefits and not the growth. If Filipinos just stop playing safe and allow themselves to stumble and fall, progress wouldn’t be as questionable as it is now. Undermining of one’s capacity to address negative feedbacks need not be stressed on. Instead, one must be able to see the beauty of getting through a hurdle despite how many people boo you on the way to the finish line. Because no self-worth comes from something that can easily be attained.




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