Lazada Philippines fits me like a glove

fits me

            When you find a website that fits your needs perfectly? Hold on to it. And pray it never shuts down. Because believe me when I say that it’s rare to find a perfect fit. Rare! But it’s not impossible. My personal favorite is Lazada because of my tendency to over shop. Lazada has a wide selection of products and it helps lessen the weight of having to jump from one site to another. With this website, I can stay on one site and keep track of my purchases perfectly. A simple tap makes the item automatically mine (with payment afterwards implied). And no matter how many items I purchase at once, I can be assured that all will be delivered and that no burden will be put on my shoulders. Now, that my friends is convenient shopping.

I do not normally pay with cash. Besides the fact I never seem to have any on hand, I also really prefer paying in installments so I can properly distribute my expenses within my means. Right now, I’m taking advantage of the Banco De Oro installment method where I’m allowed to pay for as long as 24 months. Though of course I haven’t tried that length yet, I’m certain I would not want to be in debt for longer than a couple of months. Because as far as I’m concerned, my obligation has to be manageable before I get into it. By far, the installment method is the most accommodating mode of payment for me. I don’t hear about a lot of installment methods as convenient as the one BDO is currently holding. Next to it, I use cash on delivery. But that rarely happens because my mom doesn’t like me withdrawing all of my money all at once. So instead, she tells me to bring along with me my credit card to limit what I want to buy since not all stores offer credit card as a payment method.

Like any online buyer, I have my apprehensions when it comes to disclosing such private information. But I basically try my best to run a backup check to make sure that I’m not being made a fool of by my own irresponsibility. I have made it my personal requirement to read previous reviews to read about successful transactions made. Lazada Philippine’ fits me perfectly not just because I find its price rates affordable. I love the collections they showcase and the promo deals they feature are very relevant to my type of lifestyle. They have themed features that depend on the season and as a very self-conscious person, I need the social updates to stay in the loop. I got even excited when I heard about Summit Media and J.P. Morgan investing on Lazada. The total of the capital investment raised by Lazada reached over a whopping 100,000 U.S. dollars. It seemed unclear up to how long the site was going to be maintained so hearing about prestigious companies investing on it definitely reassured me of lengthier satisfaction.


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