Lazada Philippines: Online Shopping Proves its Worth to Filipino Online Buyers

proves its worthAn estimated 8 billion worth of products was earned through online selling alone last year. Filipinos have tried so hard to identify with online shopping in a way that they can incorporate it in their daily lives. But like all new things, online shopping became less of a fad and became more of a lifestyle. Because online shopping has become so common to Filipinos, a lot of methods have been made to make doing it a lot easier. Credit card is ultimately the most likely preference of Filipinos when it comes to paying for their transactions. One of the methods strongly being promoted today is the e-commerce card that makes online shopping more convenient to use. The e-commerce cards can be availed from any bank. This way, online consumers can monitor their expenses better and stay within their own personal set limits.

Lazada Philippines is most probably one of the greatest online beneficiaries of online shopping becoming more irresistible than before. Unlike other online stores that don’t include additional taxes and delivery charges, Lazada ensures its customers of estimations inclusive of all before check out. Its customers no longer have to worry about hidden charges because if there’s one thing Lazada is popular for, it’s that it makes shopping one hell of a joyride (Excuse the term). Most of its items are marked down to 70% off and for every minimum purchase of P1,000, customers can get their package with no delivery charge. This online shopping sensation is owned by the second most popular online building company called Rocket Internet owned by three very talented siblings (Warner’s). Under the influence of its internationally acclaimed owner, Lazada came to the Philippines with one goal in mind. It’s to make online shopping as effective as possible. It inherited the quality of service and the value for customers from its other branches in Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Indonesia. Because of the undeniable success Zalora experienced in the Philippines, a lot was expected from the moment Lazada was launched. And a lot were blown away by the capacity the website possessed selling over 20,000 to Filipinos nationwide. It has clearly mastered the technique in gaining multitude of followers in such a short amount of time. Because the number of customers Lazada gained outnumbered followers of online companies existing for more than twice Lazada’s running length. But this didn’t slow down the best online shopping website for 2013 according to the Golden Globe Annual Awards. In fact, during its first year anniversary, May of this year, the website held numerous promos one after another. But the promos weren’t just the typical 10% to 20% deals. When the website went into business, it had every intention to elevate the standards of online shopping and make it a business worth taking seriously. Its promos were indisputably one of the most talked about deals online even gaining the most popularity title on Facebook in the consumer brands section.

Online shopping is no longer just a form of leisure but is now considered way of life. It is safe to assume that by the number of profits it made in year 2012 and the continuous growth in online shopping that this year’s overall estimate of sales will increase immensely.



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