Lazada’s Incredible Impact in the Local E-commerce Industry

incredible impactOut of the 100 companies Rocket Internet made that are all top runners of their own respective fields, the Philippines was lucky enough to have experienced the outstanding services Lazada offers. The Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 according to the Golden Globe Annual Awards is becoming even more of a practical source than a mere option. Rocket Internet also launched Zalora Philippines, the top online fashion website, alongside Lazada which explains a lot about the kind of service they are known for uniquely providing. Ergo the overwhelming number of supporters both online websites gained in a very small amount of time.

It is extremely inspiring how a foreign-owned company such as Lazada Philippines managed to work around Filipinos and figure out exactly the taste of its target market. Its target is the whole country since its services are available nationwide provided both in service centers and deliveries. Its products come from multiple brands that cover different types of items from consumer electronics to house furniture. It has 20, 000 products on hand at the least and is still increasing in number.  Its service by far has proven to be excellent in evaluation for it has successfully sustained its 100% rating for customer satisfaction. A goal that it clearly clarified from day one of its launch.

Since last year, the e-commerce local industry gained so much press for an impressive turnout in profits, it has become unquestionable how the Philippines was slowly getting associated to the concept of online buying naturally. This safe assumption was enough to draw in billions of investors to then local e-commerce scene. Lazada was one of the lucky ones receiving funding worth over 100, 000, 000 U.S. Dollars. Among the many companies that saw great source of possibilities in Lazada are J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Holtzbrink Ventures, Kinnevik, Summit Partners, Tengelmann and Verlinvest. But what was even more impressive about the some of the aforementioned investments is that part of the fundings covered other branches of Lazada too that scattered all over Southeast Asia specifically Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The e-commerce industry based on the outcome of last year’s and the present’s assessment shows no sign of slowing down. This gives more hope for Filipinos that room for more employment will emerge. Early last year, Lazada went on a hiring spree employing hundreds of applicants. Rocket Internet’s employees from all over the world were asked to lead the different teams and departments based here in the Philippines. This helped in the career growth of many Filipino working enthusiasts that knew very little knowledge about the e-commerce industry. Under the influence of world-renowned leaders, Filipino employees and the customers, gain a lot more than what they bargained for proving that excellence is always within our reach.

This blue and orange themed online consumer favorite is a project that inspired a lot of Filipinos to make a massive change on their casual shopping routine. And in return, the local e-commerce industry is gaining numbers never before seen in Philippine history.


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