Lazada’s Successful Venture in Philippine Ecommerce


The Philippines has become such a breathing ground for many successful online ventures including the present titleholder of the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013, Lazada. This online shopping website is owned by the second biggest online builder in the world called Rocket Internet GmbH. Rocket Internet GmbH is also the creator of Zalora, the biggest fashion online shopping site in the Philippines today. Lazada was first established in the Philippines in early 2012 where it gained multiple mixed reviews. Its goal is to create a 100% satisfaction rate among its customers that vary from avid online shoppers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Under the management of a multi-cultural team, Lazada skyrocketed above all of its competitors in a matter of months earning millions in profits. Its popularity even became more viral after its anniversary launch where it held promos that involved discounts up to 90% off. A popularity that was evidently seen on the massive increase of its followers on Facebook resulting to dubbing it as the most talked about consumer brand in the popular social site.

As a country aiming to make an impact worldwide to help stray away from the stereotype that the Philippines has been trying to get rid of for years, e-commerce has become a very powerful tool for source of revenue. Last year, profits from e-commerce related transactions reached up to 8 billion enticing even more capitalists to invest on Philippine online ventures one of it being, you know it, Lazada Philippines. J.P. Morgan and Summit Media are just two of the many investors who funded millions of dollars in the Lazada project, which also covered the other branches of the said online site in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Today, this successful online venture has over 20, 000 items available. Items that are categorized under 11 distinct sections from toys, technological devices to household furniture. It’s the ultimate online stop for quick and easy shopping! Transactions are even made more convenient through tried and tested services like deliveries made by LBC or 2GO, Lazada’s official delivery partners and forms of payments like cash on delivery, BDO installments and Paypal. It also provides a hotline available daily even on holidays to address issues and concerns directly to the company. This way, the shopping experience can be closely related to actual mall shopping making it an even more comfortable mode for transactions.

Over a million Filipino customers found Lazada’s exclusive deals that match Filipinos’ tastes exactly a very interesting addition to their daily routine. Because now that our society continuously makes it impossible for the employed to make time for their own personal errands, shopping online which can be done through any smartphone has become more practical.  Now, customers can find their favorite online shopping mall in Google Play exclusively to Android smartphone owners. During its launch, additional discounts were given out to a lucky number of first users. Now that there’s a way to make everything simple, why stick to something difficult not to mention expensive?


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