Lazada Philippines: Be Smart About Your Decisions. Don’t Let Bills Control Your Choices

be smart

Bills, Bills, Bills. No, it’s not the song. It’s the actual thing. Scary isn’t it? Everytime I wake up and see an envelope slipped under the main gate, I get anxious. I always ask myself, “Now how much damage did you do this time, Iane?” And everytime, I am always caught off guard as if I don’t ever remember spending on anything that led to my total amount of payables. Pretty silly, I guess. But it’s inevitable to get scared especially when it’s about expenses. The idea of losing an X amount of money is always rough.

So why stress over your payables after when you can manage your accounts prior to making a purchase in such a way that is more convenient to you and not the other way around? There’s always that option of paying in installments or maybe paying with your credit card so you can postpone releasing money that you are yet to have. It’s not the most practical advice but we all know we suffer impulse shopping every now and then. Whether it’s a big flat screen television or a stick of cigarette, impulse buying exists in all of us.

An e-commerce website called Lazada Philippines that exemplifies in services might just have the perfect solution for you. Remember the times you wanted to buy two things at once but your payment preference does not apply on the two separate shops you want to buy from? So you get torn and you end up having to sacrifice one for the other despite badly wanting both. That can be frustrating so why put yourself in such a situation when you can avoid it all the way?

With Lazada Philippines, buyers with purchases amounting to a minimum of P3, 000 get the opportunity to choose from the wide range of numbers of monthly installments they wish to acquire. From 3 months to 24 months, customers can purchase whatever item they like and have the opportunity to earn the money for the payment as the days go by. No interest. No catch. You can buy multiple items of different kinds from one site under one type of payment preference.

The flexibility of the payment method you choose can change the game entirely. Because sometimes it’s upon the settlement of accounts that things go wrong when it shouldn’t even come as a burden anymore after already enjoying the treat you bought. Don’t postpone the burden when you know for a fact that a month from now won’t make a difference. Assess your income monthly properly so you can breathe easily after every online check out. Be smart and take control of how you want things to go. Don’t be a victim of our own doing.

There are multiple types of methods of payments available in Lazada alone. And if only you try to find the one that fits your type of lifestyle the most, then you won’t have to worry so much about earning an amount you know you’re not capable of earning in the near future.


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