Lazada Philippines: Quality Online Shop Redeems Potential in E-commerce’s Success

redeems potentialThe dilemma Filipinos used to face regarding scams and fraud is all gone now thanks to the impressive upgrade in the quality of online shops today. Luckily, Filipinos are just as exposed to the culture of online shopping just as much as the other countries around the Philippines that are also greatly improving in terms of e-commerce. Lazada Philippines is the Golden Globe Annual Award’s official recipient of the Best Online Shopping Mall award for this year. Because of its undeniable number of products and highly commended customer satisfaction rate, it has turned shopping into a hobby that can now be accomplished over a simple phone app or laptop. Its recognition comes not only from critiques but the public as well. Its appeal to online buyers both the mass and the elite is considered its edge among its competitors. An edge that contributed to it being the number 1 online shopping mall in the Philippines for this year.

Customer service isn’t one to be questioned with Lazada because it is something the company confidently brags about as one of its strengths. It definitely played a huge part on it winning over more than a million fans on Facebook making it the most talked about consumer brand last May during its anniversary month. As stated on its official Facebook page banner, Lazada aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction. They arrive at this through various services that make purchasing from the site the best option as far as online shopping goes. Its delivery services are provided by the top 2 best delivery companies in the Philippines namely, LBC and 2GO. For any single receipt purchases amounting to 1,000 and above, the delivery service automatically becomes free of charge. For those below the required amount to avail the free delivery, a fixed rate of P55 for shipments within metro manila is charged and P99 for any transactions outside metro manila. Its methods for payments come in 5 options taking into consideration cash, credit payments and installments.

Under the supervision of the international management team of Lazada, the number of loyal customers it has gained over the months have impressed thousands if not millions of casual online buyers. Because the company is under the second biggest international online venture company, Rocket Internet, it possesses advantages like worldwide exposure and experience. One of its advantages is being funded by multiple power companies worldwide. This helps in maintaining a solid number of visitors everyday. And no matter how indifferent Filipinos are towards the idea of shopping over the internet, chances are by late this year, the Philippines will beat its own profit record from the e-commerce industry by a landslide.

Online shoppings websites are making a comeback and there’s no telling just how far websites like Lazada, Ayos Dito!, Zalora, Deal Grocer etc. are willing to go to establish a market expected to keep coming back. Because as far as Lazada’s market is concerned, they will never lose potential customers with the number of items they have on hand.


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