BBB Program Features ProFriends

The BBB (Bankers-Builders-Buyers) Program featured PRO-FRIENDS (Property Company of Friends Inc) in their website. The BBB program, according to their website, “is an enhancement of HGC’s (Home Guaranty Corporation) mandate as Fund Mobilizer for Housing. The program aims to bring together bankers, builders and buyers in a housing finance circle complementing each other’s needs and functions.”


It aims to assist partner banks promote housing loan products to builders and home buyers; bring builders to banks for project financing and promoting their housing units to prospective buyers, and guide homebuyers to self-qualify for housing loans and provide them with home-buying options according to their financial capacities and other preferences such as types of housing unit, location, etc.

This is great news for those who do not want in-house financing. Being featured in such a legit fund mobilizer only means that ProFriends really does offer various means for people to get their own dream home. It is really adhering to its commitment of creating communities and transforming lives.


More on BBB, the website also entails that “Prospective homebuyers and the general public can avail of B-B-B services through the official B-B-B website. The B-B-B website is an online database of housing loan products of partner banks, available housing units of partner developers, home buying tips and guides, FAQs and other information.

For its part, HGC guarantees payment of individual housing loans extended by partner banks and financing institutions through HGC’s Retail Guaranty facility; guarantees payment of loans extended by partner banks to developers for the development of subdivisions, townhouses, dormitories, apartments and other residential dwellings through HGC’s Developmental Guaranty facility, and guarantees payment of securities sold to raise funding for housing developments/programs through HGC’s Securitization program.”


If you wish to contact BBB:

Home Guaranty Corporation Jade Building

335 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave. Makati City, PH

Contact Numbers:

Vice President – (02) 897-3216/ 896-4114 (telefax)

Business Dev’t and Accounts Evalution Office – (02) 896-4116

Risk Management ang Guaranty Claims Office – (02) 895-6214

Accounts Management Office – (02) 897-3489


If you wish to contact Pro-Friends:

Profriends Center

55 Tinio Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, PH

Sales Inquiry Hotline – (02) 491-7700

Customer Service Hotline – (02) 727-7000

Office Trunk lines – (02) 727-8000, (02) 727-0929, (02) 726-3516, (02) 726-0440

Apart from so many builders under their belt, BBB have also partnered with leading banks like BPI, PNB, PS Bank, RCBC, Union Bank, and more.

BBB is a project of HGC which is “the government-owned-and-controlled-corporation (GOCC) mandated by law (Republic Act 8763) to promote sustainable home ownership by providing risk coverage or Guarantees and tax/fiscal incentives to banks and financial institutions/investors granting housing development loans / credits, and home financing.”

The website also declared “As HGC focuses on promoting home ownership to middle and low-income families, the Corporation’s Retail Guaranty coverage has totaled to P 62.67 Billion as of December 31, 2007. Some P 1.15 Billion worth of guarantees have also been issued for Developmental Housing loans packaged for subdivisions, townhouse, condominiums, dormitories, apartments and related residential dwellings.” Read more by visiting their website.


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