Lazada Philippines: An Online Empire in the Making

online empireIt takes years to build an empire sometimes taking even decades. And for a company to fully flourish at the young age of 1 year old is rarely heard of. Lazada Philippines has clearly outdone itself as it reached its fullest potential last May of this year and is still continuing its reign as most wanted online shopping website in the Philippines. Wanted in a good way, of course.

After on year, it was hailed as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 by the Golden Globe Annual Awards. A true testament to its company tagline, “The Best Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines.”  It was also given recognition for being the most talked about consumer brand in the all-time favorite social media network, Facebook. It gained multiple supporters that relayed its faith in the company through monetary funds that reach to more than $ 1, 000, 000 U.S. Dollars.

Under the management of certified professionals, Lazada has not only helped increase the profit sales of local e-commerce but has also provided thousands of employments with salaries above the normal rate or standards set in the Philippines. Employees not only gain additional knowledge from world-class corporate heads but also get to be associated with people with a lifetime of knowledge.

Because Lazada is under one the most powerful online venture builders in the whole world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a venture as successful as Lazada would branch out to other neighboring countries. Though the Philippines isn’t the first launching pad of the said online company in Asia, it is safe to assume that this online phenomenon is capturing the hearts of many yellow-skinned online enthusiasts. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are just among the impressive lists of countries Rocket Internet, Lazada’s creator, has established successful ventures at.

The online shop to beat for 2013 has made it possible for just about anyone to fall in love with the unusual concept of shopping online. Because of the outstanding number of discounts/sales and updated selection of items, this online site has become of the first go-to online sites by many Filipinos here and abroad. Every week, sometimes even every day, the website launches new sets of sales in honor of a certain theme. And each time, its loyal customers go ga-ga over the items for sale that never seem to go out of style.

The website covers more than 10 different categories. This makes every visit more fulfilling because a lot of errands can be accomplished from one site. Because everything is so advanced now, it just seems right to make even the daily shopping errands a breeze to get by. Whether you’re a gizmo fanatic, a bookworm or a typical girl clothes hoarder, you’ll have a special spot on the site that will make you want to keep coming back.

The e-commerce industry stunned a lot of Filipinos specifically critiques at the incredible increase in profits that reached to billions in pesos. It is a sign that can be correlated to progress. Progress that is bound to make a mark so deep that it will never be forgotten but instead carried on from generation to generation.


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