Lazada Philippines: Local E-commerce Excels Beyond Expectations

excels beyond expectations

The Philippines isn’t just one of the underdogs anymore. Through the years, the Philippine local e-commerce has overcome many obstacles. A lot of efforts and talents coming from all over the world went into creating quality services through various online media sites. E-commerce, a term used to shorten Electronic Commerce is a form of business exchange involving buying and selling with the use of the world wide web or as simply put, the internet.

Last year, billions were raised from e-commerce transactions alone. This overwhelming outcome has made everyone wonder, “Just how far can E-commerce go?” in terms of making profits, of course. Because the impact and the influence it possesses are already unquestionable. Just how effective is e-commerce? And is this type of technological culture adaptable in the Philippines the same way it has been entertained in other parts of the world?

Lazada Philippines is only one of the outstanding number of well-performing e-commerce websites in the Philippines. Though an international company called Rocket Internet, primarily based in Berlin, Germany, owns it, this was no factor to its success story. Because it comes from a line of award-winning websites, Lazada was undoubtedly a project to look out for from the very beginning.

Lazada currently stands as the best online shopping mall according to the Golden Globe Annual Awards for this year. Besides being named as such by a prestigious award-giving body, the very promising online mall was also the talk of the town in May of this year. It was named as the most talked about consumer brand on local Facebook.

Last year, a record of over P8 billion in sales was recorded only giving investors and supporters of online shopping more reasons to be excited for this year. And truly, our hopes were not left shattered because local e-commerce came through with better e-commerce services provided in multiple e-commerce websites.

A lot more considerations are given to give way to a diversified market in hopes of gaining a bigger resulting e-commerce population. There’s no question that e-commerce has become such a big hit in the Philippines. The only question that remains to be unanswered is if it’s possible to outdo what has been done and create a record in sales bigger than what we think is possible?

Investors such as Summit Partners, J. P. Morgan Asset Management, Kinnevik, Tengelmann, Verlinvest are just few of the impressive number of companies that is helping fund Lazada’s ventures not just in the Philippines but in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as well. With such a powerful and growing online venture, services are expected to become more consumer-friendly. Promos and sales are likely to arise from nowhere making every shopping experience a delight.

The Philippines is prowling more Filipinos hoping to make all fall in love to a virtual paradise. Because of the immense success e-commerce has been experiencing, more projects and funding are arising. This does not only mean profit and taxes that clearly will be a lot of help. But this progress also correlates to employment. Something we have all been trying to resolve for years.


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