Lazada’s Breakthrough in Local E-commerce

e-commerceReferring to Lazada Philippines as an online shopping breakthrough would be an understatement. It is simply because it has garnered so much recognition in a span of a year that it has outweighed the success of other online shopping websites already. We all know how Filipinos catch on quick on the latest craze and Lazada was not one for the online buffs to allow let past them without personally experiencing it.

Last February of 2012, news about a newly opened online shopping website spread and a few months after, it was officially launched as the best online shop ping mall in the Philippines. A few months after, the Golden Globe Annual Awards named Lazada as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013. I guess anything is possible as long as we set our minds to it. Clearly there was confidence in the minds and hearts of the popular online site’s management team that they predicted the company’s future.

As the months went by, more promos were released by the website making it the ultimate go-to e-commerce website. Along with the promos came services that became more consumer-friendly each month. The methods for payments boiled down to Cash On Delivery, MasterCard credit card, Visa credit card PayPal, BDO Installment and Mega Link. It also tied with 2GO in addition to their already ongoing relationship with LBC. These two delivery companies served as the site’s official shipping services. Services that only applied fees for purchases below a minimum rate of P1, 000.

Launching a successful young career is already hard to attain. But doing it with very limited background on the market being targeted makes it all the more difficult to accomplish. But with the help of Rocket Internet, Lazada’s creator, it was able to put together a good mix of people coming from the Philippines and outside the country. Putting together two very different business cultures may have been one its advantages making Lazada one of the most respected and trusted online websites today.

All the products sold in the site are either locally made or are popular international brands being resold in lower prices. It is a merchandising company that prides on its 100% success rate on customer satisfaction. It has over a million number of followers on its official Facebook page that don’t even cover half of the number of buyers it has served in the past year.

With more than 20, 000 items, Lazada has become a household name to not just the children who are fond of online shopping but to parents as well. The items that are sold in the website specialize on furniture, technological devices, travel bags, kitchen tools, children’s toys, music and many more. You won’t find such a diverse selection elsewhere that can provide quality service for free for every purchase made.

The e-commerce industry in the Philippines is on a roll into becoming one of the most trustworthy business tools aspiring entrepreneurs can use to kick start their own personal business endeavors. With just the right amount of time and resources, who knows just how big it will be in the few years to come?



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