Lazada Philippines: Finding Methods of Payments that Fit your Personal Preference

payment confirmed

There are many possible terms of payments one can choose from both offline and online. But very few shops honor this making it hard for shoppers to buy with no holds bar. Imagine if we can pay in installments with no interest in all our favorite stores. That would make it impossible for us not to buy out of impulse because we know we’re capable of paying for all of it… eventually.

But as dreamy as it may seem, it’s not realistic to say that in time it will happen and we all know it. So the tendency of consumers is to pick out a few shops out of a hundred. Shops that specifically favor our respective preferred methods for transactions. There’s nothing bad about it but that can be very restricting. And limitations take us away from very good deals. We might find something we specifically like from one store but because we cannot afford their terms in payment, we move on to the store next door.

Lazada Philippines knows this all too well and because of such problem, they have figured out one of the most effective ways to draw in customers. Flexible methods of payment make it easier for customers to feel at ease in certain stores. And a customer’s trust goes a long way with regards to how far they are willing to spend. Because Lazada is capable of entertaining a wide set of payment options, they bag more customers than other direct competitors online. And that’s an add-on on top of the abundant promos they throw out every now and then making them more affordable to buy from.

I like paying in cash and I hardly pay on credit unless I desperately need (not want) something that requires only credit payment. That has happened and it was excruciating to go through. If it weren’t for Lazada’s cash on delivery method of payment, I would have to resolve to my other option, which is driving to the mall just to pay in cash. Cash on delivery requires very little personal information from the customer. The payment is personal because the customer literally just hands over the money to whoever is delivering my package. It can be either from LBC or 2GO.

But for those who prefer paying on credit all the way, there are many terms of payment customers would like in Lazada. There’s the traditional paying with either a Visa or MasterCard credit card that stretches to other options. Banco De Oro allows installments with 0% interest. Payments can be distributed up to a maximum of 12 months (minimum of 3) in equal installments. I see the beauty in this but like I said earlier, I don’t like giving out so much information. However, if ever I would, I know Lazada would be a nice candidate because it is accredited by PCI DSS, which specializes in evaluating online securities dealing with customers’ financial information.

There are other methods customers can choose from available on the site but those are things I’m not so familiar with so I would rather not go into detail. For more information, you can check out




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