Lazada Philippines: Most Talked About Consumer Brand on Facebook Impresses Filipino Online Consumers

smiley faceBesides being the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook, Lazada Philippines has just been awarded the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 award by the Golden Globe Annual Awards. And for an online shopping website only running for a little over a year, I say that’s more than enough reasons to keep people curious. Just what does make Lazada such a good catch that it was able to gain so much recognition in so little time?

An online venture building empire called Rocket Internet owns Lazada. Three brothers own it by the last name of Samwer who are based in Berlin, Germany. As one of the top venture builders in the e-commerce industry, its standards and quality of service have immensely heightened throughout the years. For more than a decade, it has given online consumers a reason to keep looking forwards to more surprises online. With ventures in 5 continents and over 50 countries, Rocket Internet has built an empire with top of the line e-commerce companies. Lazada Philippines is just one of the five Lazada counterparts in Southeast Asia. It currently has branches in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

With worldwide quality of service come expectations. These expectations were reached in different forms. Customer service, delivery terms, modes of payments and return policy are just among the many ways the said online shopping website was able to reel in over thousands of Filipino online buyers. But the company isn’t just good at providing goods and merchandises for customers. It has also provided a generous amount of employment to Filipinos each gaining life-changing experiences through international department heads and mentors.

I have been regularly scanning the website’s promo deals, and in that short amount of time, I have observed three things. First, the selections of items they carry on hand are just like any other stores in malls. All items are up to date and are in line with what is demanded by the consumer market. Second, the items are valued at very reasonable prices. Discounts are spread out in all types of categories some of it reaching up to 70% on a regular selling day. For seasonal promos, more items impossible to pass on are marked down up to 90%. Basically, everything becomes a bargain making shopping a daily obsession to many. And lastly, the company comes up with consistent deals and promos that favor methods of payment, delivery processing and many more.

Under the circumstances that a potential consumer cannot afford what they want, they can choose to pay in equal monthly installments up to 2 years with no additional charge or interest. For customers in a rush and are in desperate need of their respective necessities, a one day delivery promo can be availed on selected items. And for those customers not capable of losing control, the online site once held a Lazada Promise offer that allowed customers to monitor the progress of their orders informing them if the item has been processed or is in the middle of delivery.

Continuing a legacy Rocket Internet has phenomenally known for, there is no doubt in my mind that Lazada will be able to outdo all record-breaking number of sales in the years to come.


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