A Way to Affort and Manage Your Monthly Expenses through Lazada’s Terms of Payments

lazada's terms of payment

Don’t think you’re given enough slack for shopping with your kind of lifestyle? In this generation, everything we once thought was out of reach can now be made into reality. And flexible rates and payment methods are just few of the innovations we shopaholics primarily benefit from.

Anywhere you look, people are on their phones, typing on their laptops in coffee shops, playing with their iPads in the airport, etc. Basically, every single one of us has become a slave to technology. Hopefully, it’s by choice. But if you are struggling to put your obsession to good use, look no further. You don’t have to stay away from your gadgets to be productive. You can always try to find ways to make your errands work for you through means of the Internet.

I for one make use of the Internet to buy my necessities. Online shopping has helped me tremendously in juggling my priorities. But what really puts a smile on my face is my ability to afford the majority of what I need (majority because I need a car but that I can’t afford lol). With flexible rates, I get to choose among options that are within my means. But unlike before, it’s possible to get good quality deals at very low prices. It’s not like how things were before where cheap resembled poorly made.

Installments make my life a whole lot easier as compared to straight payments. Now, anyone with the right card at hand can pay in equal monthly installments with very little interest. With Lazada and Banco De Oro working hand in hand, you can pay in installments with no interest at all. Not to break it to you but being able to distribute the load on my monthly expenses help me survive with the very little pay I get each month.

Lazada has five user-friendly terms when it comes to payments. Cash on Delivery is there only method that requires actual cash. But don’t be intimidated by it. Because if chances are you can’t come up with the money now, there’s always the other forms of payments like through credit card, PayPal, etc. You can check lazada.com.ph for more information regarding its current acceptable terms for payments.

I wouldn’t choose on buying anything if you don’t have the actual amount with you but if there comes a time that you are in dire need of something specific and the only way of getting it is through credit, then I guess that’s reasonable enough.

You can choose the manner on how you wish to pay for your purchases and at the same time be able to buy it at very reasonable prices. Most of the items I have seen on the site are sold at lower prices as compared to its normal rate in malls. Also, the purchasing process saves a lot of money on transportation money whether it’s gas or public fares. If you buy over a minimum purchase of P1, 000 then the delivery of your order/s are automatically shipped without charge.


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