Lazada Philippines: Online Shopping Services at the Comforts of your Doorstep

web shop2

Don’t look too far when wanting to go all out with your monthly or in my case, seasonal shopping. I hate shopping and not having enough room in my car to bring home my bags. Not because I bought so much but I have too much clutter in my car’s trunk to make room for any additional items. And since I live alone, getting out of the car is always humiliating.

My mom who lives abroad suggested buying online instead especially if the things I buy are the usual that I don’t have to try out anymore. She sends me shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, etc. and since I always use the same thing, she opts to buy online and get it delivered to my house directly. It makes her not forget about getting me my essentials despite living so far away. She’s always online skyping with my siblings and me anyway. She has always suggested to me shopping online instead but I never took into consideration because clothes just seem too complicated to order over the Internet.

But now that I have everything I need to kick-start my working lifestyle, I guess online shopping makes more sense now. Like now that I’m refurnishing my house and I know exactly what it is I want to replace my old stuff with, buying online seems more practical. And plus I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it inside the house since delivery comes with online mall purchases.

To give you an idea of how it works, I’ll tell you about the time I bought online and how a lot easier it was for me. I bought a water heater, two storage stools and a photo frame in set of 3 from Lazada around two months ago. Some of it were discounted so I guess I made a pretty good decision.

Now these are the items I know I wouldn’t have to personally see to tell if I want it. The water heater was in pink, the two storage tools were foldable and both came in prints of my choice. Polka dot was my choice. And the photo frame had a sleek design in black. It was delivered in my house 2 days after. I paid in cash when it was delivered. That’s optional though. You can choose whatever method of payment is comfortable to you. As far as I remember, they have about 5 payment methods.

I didn’t pay for delivery service because my purchases were worth over P1,000. And that applies to everyone. Any transaction below that will require fixed rate payments depending on the location of delivery. The deliveries within metro manila are P55 while outside metro manila, you can be charged P99. But don’t worry about your location whether it’s too provincial because Lazada delivers nationwide.

So I got it delivered to my house for free and I didn’t even have to get out of the house to make it happen. I mean, if you can see yourself doing this maybe it’s a good idea to try it out. I swear it’s less stressful and more manageable.


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