Why Lazada is a Good Success Story

goalUnderstanding E-commerce can be quite challenging especially if you don’t come from the generation that was really spoon fed with so much technology. If you feel a bit ashamed for not knowing so much, you’re not alone. I once faced this lack of knowledge but it took me only a day to get the information enough to get encouraged to try it out.

The local e-commerce industry has heightened in supporters, funding, sales and many more in a span of 5 years. It is an improvement that has been so long overshadowed by the other industries in the Philippines. But this neglect was not enough to put e-commerce website owners down because true enough, they received their much deserved attention gaining acknowledgement from award-giving bodies outside the country.

Lazada is one of the most outstanding e-commerce websites in the Philippines today. After only a year from being launched, it manages to gain acknowledgement for superb service from both its customers and critiques. During its first year anniversary, it became the talk of the town and by town I mean, Facebook. A clear testament to how wide its network is and how far they have come.

It has over 20, 000 products currently up for sale and have more than 12 categories currently still being improved that has made it the best shopping online mall a lot is claiming it to be. It accommodates diverse types of Filipinos from parents looking for the easiest way to get her family’s house furnished to a teenager trying to update her entertainment library with books and music. Anyone with something in mind would surely find something from this website that would tickle their funny bone. Its services include having a hotline open daily even on holidays, a 14-day return policy that allows customers to return their order for a refund or exchange, a delivery service that can possibly be free of charge with a minimum purchase of 1, 000 and many more.

Some online ventures choose to focus on a specific type of product, which isn’t bad, but it also isn’t maximizing the exposure it luckily was given the privilege to make use of. Because the internet can be tapped by everyone and almost everyone has gained knowledge on how to make use of a simple mouse or touch screen, the possibility of reaching out to more than a million people in a second isn’t as thin as it was before anymore. It’s actually very possible which makes he whole idea of selling online exhilarating.

Lazada is putting its two cents on Filipino consumers that with just the right amount of products and pricing, it too can make it as legendary as the other ventures that came before. E-commerce can be simply explained as a form of buying and selling. The channel of it being the internet. Now, if you’ve made a purchase online and you liked it, you’re part of the population that affected the success that it is currently enjoying. Be proud! 😉




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