azada review: Effective Payment Options for Various Types of Filipino Online Shoppers

Beautiful young woman shopping over internetLazada Philippines establishes a more user-friendly method of payment with Banco De Oro’s Installment option. Now, Filipinos can maximize their BDO credit cards as they go unlimited shopping in Lazada’s list of over 20,000 products combined. All buyers can avail the said payment option when they reach a minimum amount of P3000 collectively or not in one single receipt. This puts shopping online in an entirely different pedestal! Imagine being able to fund your guilty pleasures without sacrificing your peace of mind. Now, you can splurge on your favorites and not expect your eyeballs to pop right out once the bills start coming in. You can choose between five different terms of payments that will determine your uniform monthly charge. The five terms are three, six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months. That’s up to a total of two years to pay for something as low as P3000. You can pay for as low as P125 and not even notice you’re paying with so little amount charged on your monthly bill.

Filipinos dread bill payments. But it’s something we all have to learn to live with. Lazada in partnership with one of the most influential banks in the Philippines, BDO, figured out a way to make it possible for Filipinos to peacefully accomplish their payables without having to break a sweat. With BDO installment method, you can finally breathe easily after each purchase because it will barely make a dent on your bank account.

Other payment options available in the website that are more general as compared to the BDO installment are Cash on Delivery, VISA or MasterCard credit card, PayPal and Megalink. Each matches specific types of Filipino payers in the process.

Cash On Delivery is the most ideal payment method for those who would rather pay in cash. It closely resembles paying over the counter and as far as information required from the customer, it is the safest. Cash On Delivery or simply known as COD requires payment only upon delivery. LBC or 2GO, the two official deliver services Lazada is associated with will be the one to receive directly any forms of payments. All customers have to do is provide all necessary personal information like name and address. If you’re not into giving out personal credit details, then Cash on Delivery is a great match for you.

VISA or MasterCard credit payments are in the same line as BDO. Although this doesn’t allow payments in installments but instead only allow straight payments in full, it comes very handy to those who would rather not pay in cash and instead get it immediately accomplished through respective banks. Only credit cards under either VISA or MasterCard are accepted. Both holds regular sales so just like any method of payment, it has its good days and advantages.

PayPal and MegaLink are very similar. Registrations to membership are required to be able to properly make use of such method. A lot of Filipinos prefer this to other methods because it has its own security making customers feel twice as protected.



Seeing Online Shopping in an Entirely Different Perspective

entirely different

Shopping on a regular basis can be tiring. But it doesn’t have to be. Why go through hell figuring out how to get to the mall when you can do just as much shopping from your mobile phone or tablet?

Lazada launches its first official mobile application available exclusively in all Android electronics through Google Play. Look through over 20,000 items from the palm of your hands. You can even put your shopping on pause and go back to where you left off. It’s a definite timesaver for Filipinos always on the run and it’s no doubt a great way to maximize whatever amount of time you have free without worrying about finishing in the nick of time.

Lazada Philippines is an award-winning online shopping mall existing in four other countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. As part of Rocket Internet’s addition to its already impressive list of over a hundred successful online ventures, it makes its way to the top in Southeast Asia by creating ventures like Lazada and Zalora, both with its own branch in the Philippines.

After a successful launch early last year, it needed to expand its coverage even more to compete with its rivals in the same industry. As if it needed to prove itself further, the one-year-old award-winning online shopping mall developed its services improving on its customer service and product options.

Besides having its very own mobile application, it stretched to a wider audience after making it an official partnership with LBC and 2GO. This widened its already nationwide coverage. It also created a new payment option that was exclusive to Banco De Oro (BDO) credit cardholders. This gave consumers a chance to distribute its payments up to 2 years. A very useful tool in making all of its products affordable and easy to manage once the bills start coming. On top of these upgrades, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS also certified it. It’s a security company that assists customers in figuring out the well-protected online shopping malls through a battery of tests. Lazada passed both the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and PCI DSS Security Scan. A huge factor as to why I was willing to buy from the said site during my first time.

I don’t mind dressing up to go to the mall at all. In fact, I lived for that sort of thing. I love taking pictures of myself with my favorite outfits. But eventually, I would have to repeat clothes making the whole point of going to malls fun disappear. So just like any normal teenager, I’d resolve to what technology has to offer and that is online shopping. I’m proud to say I have found many of my best finds online. Best finds not just because of its prices but also because of the quality of the said products.

Online shopping websites definitely gave me a whole new perspective on shopping and I have definitely made it a regular activity because of how much it helped me carry on with my kind of lifestyle.




Lazada Philippines Quickly Establishes Chemistry with Local Online Shoppers

quickly establishesIt isn’t easy to launch an e-commerce venture in the Philippines as compared to establishing one in the States. Because compared to Americans, Filipinos are less trusting when it comes to online selling website or ordering online in general. It seems presumptive but very risky and for it to become a success, there is a lot to be taken into consideration.

For Lazada though, it didn’t seem as such a struggle. After all, in as early as one year in the public market, it has already gained a lot of recognition including one from the Golden Globe Annual Awards from whom it received the honor of being the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013.

The local e-commerce industry was prosperous last year and this year, it’s definitely aiming for an even bigger number in sales. And Lazada has become a very influential tool in making this a reality. It has widened its scope even more adding not just items in its already wide array of products but also expanding in customer coverage with an official partnership with LBC and 2GO. Both delivery companies when combined sum up to thousands of service centers that gives the e-commerce website a bigger advantage as compared to its direct competitors.

To add to its already extensive list of services, it now has a customer hotline available 7 days a week including holidays. Return your order free of charge and get it either exchanged or refunded in 14 days. That’s like saying you have up to two weeks to try out a new dress and still get it exchanged if you retain its tag and new condition. For as long as you maintain the condition of product when it was delivered and have with you everything else that came with it, then you are eligible to return your item with no charge.

The shopping mall isn’t as local as it makes itself seem. It has ventures in other countries spread out in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. A very prominent online venture builder called Rocket Internet that has over 100 successful ventures worldwide owns it. It definitely has a great team behind it if it is capable of creating an online atmosphere perfect for Filipinos to feel comfortable to shop from. Besides providing employment, it has helped put our local e-commerce industry in the same pedestal as our neighboring countries.

This Halloween, it offers an every better selection of discounted items up to more than half of its original price. Who knew the Halloween season could be so fun and invigorating financially speaking. You can have a bigger chance of getting the best promo offers if you subscribe to its newsletter. Not only do you get a special treat by being one of the first to know but you also get a P200 voucher for free just for signing up.

It’s a pretty good reward for the very little effort that you did. So why not jump in to the latest fad and make your online shopping an experience worth remembering each time?


Paying in Ways Manageable for All Parties


It’s close to impossible to find a store now that continuously offers affordable products in all its racks. With the economy growing weary of the constant change in the Peso-Dollar exchange rate, some stores are forced to raise the bar on its general price rates. Some shops however stick to the only way they know how, which is increasing its prices as well but at the same time, ensuring its customers and clients that paying still becomes manageable. If you can’t afford it now, maybe you’ll be able to pay in monthly installments instead. The time will come when the customer will be paid in full making it a win-win for both parties. This method won’t make it close to impossible for the stores to sell.

Monthly installments are very popular in many stores or shops that carry credit card payments. Normally, banks in partnership with selected stores allow installments to help out not just the stores to sell but also the customers to afford what they both need and want. Banco De Oro or most popularly regarded as BDO offers installment on a monthly basis in partnership with Lazada Philippines. Lazada is an online shopping mall that offers more than just one type of payment method, BDO installments being one of it. Lazada consistently offers affordable products on its item selections. They have regular sales and very frequent promos on top of its already flexible payment options.

The installment works in many ways. The customer can choose from 5 different modes of monthly payments. They can pay in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months time depending on what they prefer most. This means that the equal payments per month will highly depend on the N months of installment they choose. But to make it not disadvantageous to the side of the online shopping mall, certain requirements must be observed. Firstly, the customer must be a BDO cardholder. And second, the customer must have a purchase no lower than P3,000 to be able to avail of said payment method. This means customers can pay for as low as P125 each month for an item worth P3000.

There are other monthly installments available in other stores, both online and offline. For Bank of the Philippines Islands, they have offered a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ promo where customers can buy whatever they like and only have to pay 3 months from day of purchase. This can help customers who have their eyes on limited products offered in just a short amount of time get what they like and not have to worry about it until the bills start coming in a few months.

Filipinos are very inventive when it comes to getting by or surviving in the middle of the poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer era. But at the end of the day, it’s all about correctly managing expenses and knowing how to allot money. If you can properly do that, then you’re safe for the rest of your life.


Lazada Review: Reliable Payment Options Available from the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013

buy shopLooking for the best online shopping mall? If you’re looking for the website that was officially named best, and then Lazada Philippines would be what you’re looking for. The award winning e-commerce shopping website won the award of Best Online Shopping Mall from the Golden Globe Annual Awards earlier this year.

It currently has five payment options available including two of the most popular online methods today, Cash on Delivery and Credit based payments. It also has three other methods that revolve around credit payments. The BDO Installment is a partnership between Lazada and Banco De Oro that allows customers with a minimum purchase of P3000 and any form of BDO credit card to pay in monthly installments that can last up to 2 years. The PayPal payment option is a simpler way of paying using one’s credit card because it requires membership that stores all credit details necessary to accomplish a payment. The MegaLink payment option resembles PayPal but makes use of memberships in establishments like iBank. Other unique features in the website is its 14-day return policy that allows items to be returned in a 14-day span under valid reasons. But unlike other websites that have very strict and limited grounds for exchange, it has a very lenient return policy as long the items returned maintains its new condition. All deliveries are made exclusively by LBC and 2GO. All deliveries have fixed rates for shipment dependent on whether or not it is inside Metro Manila. But all charges are stripped off for every minimum purchase of P1000.

It sells over 20,000 items, a combination of different kinds of products that makes it one of the best online shopping malls in the Philippines today. It has over 10 categories and each one identifies a specific type of buyer. Its extensive collection gives it more edge among its peers because more types of people nationwide can relate to what are being sold on the website. Besides its extremely impressive background to how it came to be and who is behind its management, it has proved itself worthy in its own right through its diverse methods.

The said e-commerce website is affiliated with Zalora and Price Panda as well. Zalora however is more focused on the industry of beauty and fashion that makes it a different venture entirely. Both should be commended for its individual success. Zalora is under the same company as Lazada, Rocket Internet.  It is an online venture building company that has over 100 successful online ventures worldwide. Five of it resides in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines) each having its very own version of Lazada. Rocket Internet has been known for pioneering exponentially successful online ventures all over the world and Lazada was no exception. It showed great influence on many Filipino buyers today because it has over 1 million likes on Facebook that contributed to it being one of the most talked about consumer brand this year. And with its current standing today, it would be no hard feat that it would not be able to overcome.



Lazada Philippines Review: Mixing it Up with Online Shopping

mixing it upI like trying new things just because I hate conforming to what is safe. I play the banjo and have green hombre hair. So ending up as obsessed to shopping online as my sister came naturally. I immediately became very interested the moment I heard about how some online websites offer payments in installments. I initially thought that online shopping required payment restricted to cash only but apparently, it has become very versatile through the years making a practical choice even for me. I’m not very good with gadgets. The most that I can brag about is the fact that I have a Facebook account as well as a Twitter account just so my friends can tag me.

Online shopping is exhilarating especially in moments where I just feel like finding myself a good pair of jeans or a new set of DVDs to add to my collection. Because online shopping has casually found its way to the houses of many Filipinos, I noticed how payment options are a lot more convenient and flexible now.

The first thing I ever bought online was a water resistant watch with an installed hidden camera from Lazada Philippines a few weeks ago. I know it doesn’t make sense to get one but it was 20% off and I just couldn’t let it slip away. It might have been impulsive but you’ll never really know when you just might need one. It also didn’t hurt that it was one of the Editor’s Picks making it all the more irresistible not to get. I had to get something else besides the watch because I wanted to avail the BDO Installment payment option that a customer with a minimum purchase of P3000 could only avail. I bought a fashion editorial compilation that was just enough to get my bill up to a little over P3000. After that, I bought blocks for my study area in my room that doubled as a chair and a cabinet. Maybe it’s the freshness of it all but I’m definitely still super pumped about finding something to get online in installments again.

I like paying in installments because it lessens the pressure on me when the bills start coming. I wouldn’t mind paying in bulks but having the option to pay in monthly installments instead with no additional interest whatsoever just makes my expenses all the more manageable. I’m thinking of paying in cash next time out of curiosity. I want to be able to experience paying on my doorstep. But I will make sure first that my purchase will be over a thousand to make my delivery fee automatically free. This applies to all types of purchases regardless of the size, weight or category of the item.

I highly suggest getting your very own account on your favorite online store as early as now. Some websites even offer free vouchers for every newsletter subscription. I did that with my Lazada account and I got a P200 voucher, which I am planning to use on my next purchase.





Lazada’s Upscale Services Now Available in the Philippines

mouse-checkLazada Philippines was named as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 for a reason. This year, it banked multiple investments form world-renowned capitalists giving it an even bigger boost to the top from its already impressive resume of being owned by one of top online venture builders in the world, Rocket Internet. Also, the e-commerce industry in the Philippines reportedly grossed more than 8 billion pesos in e-commerce transactions alone making it one of top performing new industries in the country today.

After getting all likes on Facebook that reached to over 1 million in total, Lazada pursued its role as the top leading e-commerce website in the Philippines by producing more services centered to customer satisfaction in all forms and sizes starting with a bigger and wider range of products. Today, it has over 20, 000 products available on stock from numerous leading and aspiring brands in the local market.

It reformatted its transaction methods to the top 5 user-friendliest modes of payments (Cash on Delivery, Visa or MasterCard credit card, PayPal, MegaLink and BDO Installment) making it more accessible to the current diverse online market. Cash on Delivery when simply put is payment at the doorstep where no down payments or reservation fees are required. This is the only method where cash as payment is accepted. The rest all involve payments in forms of either card or membership. All Visa and MasterCard credit cards are acknowledged by the company while both PayPal and MegaLink can be mostly enjoyed by members or aspiring members for that matter. BDO Installment however is open to monthly installments up to two years giving customers more time to properly manage their expenses. Its official delivery service providers are LBC and 2GO with thousands of centers all over the country offering and assuring good quality shipping services.

It escalated its offline marketing to having several features published in different types of media like magazines (Adobo, MEGA), television (ABS-CBN, GMA), newspaper (The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World) and even tapping to The Manila Times.

It has been verified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a security company that specializes on online services, for having a secure program system to protect its customers from having personal information put to the wrong hands.

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, it would be difficult to pick out the good ones from the bad because each one would go the extra mile to exude legitimacy. It is difficult but not impossible with the right set of standards. With more online ventures being created, more precautions and factors must be taken into consideration to serve the best of the customer’s interest. And Lazada went through great heights to make itself the best online shopping mall in the country today.

Lazada Philippines is not alone in its aim for quality longevity as its counterparts in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are all individually looking for a way to stay on top by putting the customers’ needs as priority.