Chocolate Fountain Perfect for Catering Desserts on Lazada!

chocolate fountain

          So I was going through a couple of sites and I came upon I read about its feature article on Lazada Philippines and how it supposedly hosted its biggest flash sale yet last January 24. I have to say I was impressed with the numbers so I took a quick look on the site to see if there were any other sales ongoing since the one I read about was obviously past its validity.

          And I was not a bit disappointed. I was scanning through its homepage carefully early this morning and the Deal of the Day section caught my eye. It was selling a fruit dessert yogurt maker for 53% off. Now, I’m not health conscious but the deal made me actually consider buying it. It’s funny because I don’t even eat yogurt to begin with. But what I really liked was the chocolate fountain featured below it under the Editor’s Pick section.

          The chocolate fountain was only P729. It was originally priced at P999 and even without it being discounted, it would have still interested me. It’s 27% off and it’s not even under any promo making it just an ordinary item on sale. It was definitely a good deal that I’d feel bad about if I didn’t take.

          Now it’s not something I’d keep for myself. I was with my cousin just last weekend and we were talking about trying to expand her catering business. She had a small carinderia in one of the call center buildings in Makati. She pulled the plug on it because she couldn’t handle the catering service alongside the upkeep of the canteen she personally looked over on weekdays. So seeing the fountain gave me an idea on how to help improve her catering since it was something she leaned towards investing time on more.

          All items ordered in Lazada apparently are mandatorily delivered and cannot be picked up. I definitely don’t have a problem with that but it became more favorable to me since I could pay it with my credit card and get it delivered straight to my cousin who lives all the way in Paranaque.

          I messaged her right after seeing the chocolate fountain on Facebook and she was just as excited about it as I was. I told her I would be more than happy to get it for her as a present to help kick off her catering adventure. I ordered it over two hours ago and got it delivered to my cousin’s house.

          The only thing I’m pretty bummed about is that I wasn’t able to avail anything else due to me running late for work. I tried downloading its app but my internet was just too damn slow and I was already too excited to not buy it immediately. So because the item was less than a thousand, I had to pay for my delivery fees, which was only P55 I guess. Not bad at all but it would have still been nicer to have gotten it delivered for free.


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