Available Modes of Payment at Lazada PH

availableThe Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 has given us another reason to fall in love with it. After being given such a prominent award by the Golden Globe Annual Awards, Lazada has truly made it its life mission to provide customer-friendly services. Payments of methods are often overlooked as an important factor to an e-commerce website’s success. But Lazada took notice of it and even improved its offered payment methods to suit its customers’ requests.

Its very first and popular method of payment is Cash on Delivery or COD mainly because of how convenient and less technical the process is. Choosing to pay via COD is similar to paying over the counter with the slight difference of venue. Unlike with over the counter payments where you would be required to visit the place for purchase, COD goes to you and allows you to pay during delivery without any initial deposit. This is a method used by many Filipinos who find comfort on the idea of only paying upon receiving the product/s.

Another popular method next to COD that is commonly offered in many online and offline stores is payment using a credit card. Payment secured with either VISA or MasterCard are as good as cash. Although credit payment has become a very common form of payment, a lot still find it difficult to entrust his or her financial account information online. And because of said problem, many security companies have come to existence that evaluates e-commerce websites’ protection systems. This has made it a lot easier for many Filipinos to take part in said activity without second guessing their safety.

Another form of payment exclusively made by Lazada in partnership with Banco De Oro (BDO) is its installment method of payment, which allows consumers to pay in 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month equal installments for every minimum purchase of P3, 000 made. Customers will be redirected to the BDO payment Gateway that will help finalize all payments. Please note that this is a method specifically made for BDO cardholders only.

Another method available on the website is MegaLink. This partnership is a first in Philippine e-commerce history as it is the only website accredited by the ATM Network. MegaLink ATM and cash cards can now be used for shopping on the popular online shopping mall. PayPal is just a simpler way of inputting your credit details. It’s a very popular method used in various leading countries and now, it’s also available for Filipinos to use at Lazada.

When you go screening an online site, your first initial concern is the pricing which is normal. But over time, you have to realize the importance of knowing the methods of payment available in the site. Because if the only form of payment available is not practical to your lifestyle, then giving importance to the prices will just later on go to waste. If you don’t like paying with your credit card or worse, you don’t have one, then why waste your time on a site that you’ll eventually end up not even buying from?






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