Lazada Philippines: Receiver of Golden Globe Annual Awards Continues to Impress Local Online Consumers

receiverLazada Philippines definitely upped its antics this 2013 with over 20, 000 products from multiple well-established brands, services that cover a wider audience of online shoppers and promos that convert to thousands of savings made each day. If there’s one e-commerce here to stay and out to rule the local e-commerce industry, Lazada is one to look out for in a good way, of course.

The receiver of the Golden Globe Annual Award for being the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 has secured over $100, 000, 000 in funding to further improve its operations in not just the Philippines but Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia s well. Alongside popular investment firms like J. P. Morgan Asset Management, Kinnevik and Summit Partners, the famous online site was also able to get other European-based investors to take an interest on the said project a year after.

It is the product of Rocket Internet, an online venture company that is based in Germany primarily established in 1999. This year, Tengelmann, also based in Germany saw the potential in the popular e-commerce website and took part in the continuous growth of the said company. A few months after, an investment group called Verlinvest also helped in funding the website. Another venture Rocket Internet is currently working on in the Philippines is Zalora that is popularly known for its extensive selection on clothes and anything related to Philippine Fashion.

There is no denying the success of e-commerce ventures today. Last year, an estimate of over 8 billion pesos was reported as sales of transactions made online. This year, expectations are higher than ever and Lazada is not one to back down in a fight. Especially now that the website is finally available for download in all Android phones, there’s no telling just how far it can go.

A nationwide coverage has already become such a huge advantage for the website and being PCI DSS accredited is only one of the many reasons Lazada has revolutionized the way Filipinos see online shopping. It is currently in partnership with LBC and 2GO, two of the official distributors of all product deliveries. Also, it tied up with Banco De Oro (BDO) to give customers a more flexible mode of payment allowing installments up to two years. Other methods of payments include, Cash On Delivery, MasterCard & VISA credit card payments, PayPal and MegaLink.

Online shopping has never become so convenient for Filipinos until so many e-commerce sites bloomed these past few years. And each year, Filipinos are given more reliable to proof to just how it might be the next big thing in local shopping. With the internet and technological devices giving traditional businesses a run for their money, it’s inevitable for Filipinos to switch to something more promising and practical in our generation today. Hopefully, by the time e-commerce takes over and I’m guessing it eventually will, Filipinos would be more than accommodating to such practice because if you look closely, it’s the next best thing out there.







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