LazadaPH: Don’t Exhaust Yourself Too Much. Have It Easy and Safe with Online Shopping

don't exhaust yourself too much

There are various ways of telling whether something can be trusted or not. And for online shopping websites, multiple security companies have been established to rate just that.

Lazada Philippines has been approved by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as secure from any relevant vulnerabilities caused by system hacking or breach. It is known worldwide for its international IT security system that have assessed multiple leading credit card companies in the world. This is a very critical aspect in online shopping websites because the safer the website, the higher the number of potential sales. Lazada went through two assessment tests called the Self Assessment Questionnaire and PCI DSS Security Scan, both of which the website was able to pass.

But as important as seals of approval from security companies are, it is also important that the services provided in the website can be trusted by customers in terms of follow-through and quality. And Lazada has done some pretty impressive promos to provide just that. It launched a Promise Promo early this year guaranteeing customers of warehouse dispatch at a certain amount of time after which they launched a promo that promised delivery the day after. But these are just some of the ways the said website has showed its determination to prove to both its customers and clients its willingness to provide the best kind of service there is.

Just like any restaurant, store or country club, membership always has its perks. And besides the additional free voucher given to all first time subscribers, Lazada sends out regular newsletters giving members the first scoop on the best deals and discounts. Members are the first to know about promos that only stay active for a day or promos that give customers a chance to get a selected item for up to 90% off or better, absolutely free. How often can you say that about your favorite store? Because as much as fulfilling and empowering it is to see your name on a card, the best offers are still the ones that give out more than just points that take years before it even becomes of use to you.

Lazada has definitely made a complete turnaround because this year, it has made itself known to Filipinos everywhere both here and abroad that it is here to stay. As the best online shopping mall for 2013 according to the Golden Globe Annual Awards, expectations have been made and each one met in a short amount of time. And for a company owned by a German venture site, it seems unreal to see just how good they know the local market gaining over a million both in followers and profit.

If you’re looking for a way to loosen up without straining your pocket, shopping online is a good way to go. And you know you can always find some good discount deal in the internet. Deals so good that you’d start to second-guess yourself whether going to an actual mall is still worth spending for. Besides, shopping in your jammies is the best feeling ever. So little effort made for many amazing things awaiting you.


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