PROFRIENDS’ Ilustrata Residences Groundbreaking Ceremony


Just last Saturday, October 5, 2013, the groundbreaking ceremony for PROFRIENDS Ilustrata Residences was held. Property Company of Friends or PRO-FRIENDS is the property development company behind this Quezon City mid-rise condominium project.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Pro-Friends Gus Leonardo believes that Ilustrata is a “perfect fit” for a home – providing the comforts associated with what a home should be. “We’ll make sure that there’s a place in this development where families, most especially starting families, can interact with one another—and that’s what I mean by a perfect fit,” Leonardo said during the groundbreaking ceremony.

The cutting-edge Ilustrata Residences, which its name stands for Illustrious and Strata for “distinguished living within the key places of interest that is geared toward higher places,” will rise in the cushy and pleasant New Manila and Greenhills neighborhood in Quezon City soon. The modern design allows a functional living environment for the people of today while the rustic aesthetic charm exudes a look of timeless class that would surely attract anybody today and in years to come.

bldg2It is designed with a minimalist look of clean lines and modern influences; warm earthy accent colors pay homage to an “old-rich” classic image inherent to the location. The impressive facade communicates exclusivity and security for the community inside. The efficient design ensures proper ventilation along hallways and common areas.

In partnership with KHMaya Builders, Inc., PRO FRIENDS is set to build the 1.2 hectare condo project along Boni Serrano Avenue. It consists of 6 mid-rise towers (Tower Luna, Tower Jaena, Tower Trias, Tower Palma, Tower Ponce, and Tower Quezon). Currently, only Tower Luna and Jaena are being introduced and target date of completion is by the second or third quarter of 2015.

What sets Ilustrata Residences apart is its square-cut units to give ample room to maximize and personalize the interiors of residents’ living spaces unlike most cramped and narrow condominium units. Towers Luna and Jaena offer studio, 1-bedroom, and bi-level units. Option for merging units is applicable.

Pro-Friends has also made Ilustrata Residences into a community boasting of high security provisions and a variety of amenities, including a lap pool, wading pool, children’s pool, function halls, multipurpose room, gym, indoor playground and a serene Zen park.

Offering ideal financing schemes, unit buyers may choose between graduated bank financing where availing a unit can start at only P7,500 a month or straight line bank financing where monthly equity payments are estimated to be at par with their monthly amortization at a prevailing interest rate.


Founded in 1999 by a group of friends, Pro Friends has undertaken 15 housing projects over the last 13 years with another 11 in the works. The property developer began with small pocket developments and has now evolved into expansive commercial and residential developments. It takes pride in having seasoned professionals and expert home builders that combine respect for the tradition of homeownership and an eye for innovation to ensure quality of products.



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