Available Methods of Payments from the Philippine’s Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013

1st anniv

Lazada keeps it simple with its different available methods of payments. There’s payment at your doorstep with Cash on Delivery more popularly known more as C.O.D. and credit card payments in three different forms. There are credit card payments for all VISA and MASTERCARD users, Banco De Oro (BDO) Installment, MegaLink and PayPal.

There are different types of online consumers and it’s crucial for big companies to try to tap each and every one of them so they can be considered an option for online shopping. Some make use of bank transfers, 7-eleven over-the-counter transactions and many more. Lazada specifically has also used the three previously mentioned methods but it narrowed its choices down to the most frequently used options.

It can be very intimidating to have to compete to other already well-established online shopping websites but this didn’t seem to daunt Lazada because in just one year it was named as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 following being the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook. Now, only a few months over a year of running, it has become a trusted household name that all types of Filipinos get the privilege to enjoy.

The best part about the said website is it delivers for free for all single receipt transactions with a minimum purchase of P1, 000 anywhere in the Philippines. This is in partnership with both LBC and 2GO who happens to also be the top two most trusted shipment companies in the country.

Cash on Delivery is the most practical mode of payment for all those who prefer paying in cash and upfront. It’s advisable to those who rarely find comfort in handing over personal and financial account information. This method of payment merely requires submission of the delivery address. The customer will be required to pay the moment the package is delivered with no initial deposit or payment.

For customers who like paying in cuts and would rather distribute their payments evenly in specific number of months, the BDO installment would be the most practical method. BDO in partnership with Lazada opened its doors to installments for up to 2 years for a minimum purchase of P3, 00. A method that comes greatly in handy for parents who are on a budget.

But even customers who choose to pay in credit need not be concerned about the security of their personal accounts because the award-winning online shopping mall has been regarded and tested by PCI DSS short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI DSS is a security company known for assessing various e-commerce websites to ensure online customers that all their payments are secure from hacks or any form of mishandling.

Everyone is upgrading to the latest trends and technological devices. And along with this progress comes the responsibility or initiative to stay updated. Online shopping is just one of the many services that have turned its business ventures over to the Internet. This most importantly helps companies stay in touch with diverse types of customers all at the same time.


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