A Brief Summary on Lazada’s Present Performance

lazada.com.ph3Philippines Lazada Philippines is known for a lot of things like consumer electronics, home appliances, movies, etc. But what very few people know is the impact it has had in the e-commerce community since its launch early last year. The international e-commerce venture company, Rocket Internet, launched the very popular online shopping mall in February of 2012. It is a German-based venture company that has made homes to over 50 countries nationwide including the Philippines as one of its Southeast Asian locations.

Given the very powerful brain behind Lazada, it being recently awarded by the Golden Globe Annual Awards as the Best Online Shopping Mall for this year, just raised it further ahead of its competitors. As part of the top list of high performing e-commerce websites today, the future of this industry is showing more potential each day. Last year, the sales accumulated in e-commerce transactions alone reached to an all-time high of an impressive 8 billion pesos. It is an inspiring fact that has pushed more investing firms to fund Filipino-centered e-commerce companies.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is just one of the impressive list of investors that currently supports the development of Lazada and a few other ventures under Rocket Internet. The funds reportedly given by different international investing companies rated over a whopping $ 100,000,000. The improvement caused by such investments have been evidently seen and observed by many Filipino online buyers because of the continuous generous discounts and promos the online shopping mall has released over the past few months. This even included a promo that gave out a discount of over 90% to a selected number of lucky online shoppers.

The company also prides itself in its multiple flexible methods of payments. Customers who prefer paying in cash can enjoy cash on delivery, which accepts transactions only upon delivery. No deposit prior to the day of shipment necessary making it closely similar to making an actual over the counter payment. For credit card users however, customers can enjoy choosing from four different methods. They can pay using either their Visa or MasterCard credit card, use Banco De Oro (BDO)’s installment plan or access their PayPal or MegaLink accounts to finish transactions. The BDO installment is probably the most customer-friendly method giving consumers a chance to distribute their bill payments into equal months for up to two years. Although this method needs a minimum purchase of P3, 000 to be used, it doesn’t seem all that big given how little the customer would have to pay for in a span of 24 months.

The e-commerce industry tolerates excessive shopping by providing less costly and more accommodating forms of services to balance it all out. For Filipinos who find discomfort in overspending especially with expenses outside their priorities like travel fares, gas etc. would find deep comfort in online shopping. Now even Lazada has joined the list of online stores with its own mobile application to make its services even more affordable showing just how accessible all things online now are.



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