Falling in Love with Lazada’s Installment Method

lazada's installment

There are many ways to get your hands on your what you need and apparently some methods don’t even require you getting out of bed. I see this as a good thing although this has become a concern for my parents who noticed how often I take a bath now on weekends. But I think they pretty much get completely what it is I do since for some reason, they’ve been doing way before I started. I hate to admit it but was them that even started playing Candy Crush first. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an internet noob. I was just never fond of online gaming or any games for that matter. You can probably associate me with the artistic weirdoes in high school who spent her time writing in her notebook than taking selfies with friends.

My personal method is shopping with my phone. Ever since I got an iPhone in high school, of course back then it still didn’t even have a video recorder, I have been obsessed with every possible way of personalizing it. And I guess as the Apple industry progressed, so did my obsession with making sure mine was the coolest in features. I must admit that it even reached to a point that I learned how to jailbreak my own phone. Thankfully, now I actually buy apps because as much as I like the features in a jailbroken phone, paid applications still have the best features.

I was so keen on getting all the possible applications from notepads, to-do lists, GPS, etc. that I ended up literally having every local shopping application in my phone. I barely had any songs and with the memory I had, it wasn’t like my phone would collapse because of it. But I realized eventually how rowdy it looked with so many albums and pages that I started deleting the ones I didn’t like or worse, never even bothered using. I eventually got around the shopping applications that I narrowed down to three but the one that stuck to me the most was Lazada’s because it basically had everything I ever needed. The other apps were either just for clothes or gadgets. And considering how I was limiting the number of applications I have, Lazada was the closest to what I had in mind.

Having so few applications gave me very little to work with so I would sometimes end up just going back and forth until I became head over heels with shopping online. It all started when I found out about Lazada’s installment method that not only excited me but my parents as well. Sine we’re a bunch of self-confessed shopaholics (within reason, of course), hearing about the two-year span allowable months of payment was like no Christmas to the Grinch. We were definitely hooked after that. For customers to be able to avail the said payment method, all purchases must amount to a minimum of P3000. That would not only make you eligible to use the said method but that also makes your delivery absolutely free.

I’m not saying you guys should do it too but if you’re looking for a manageable way of getting the things you need at home or maybe you want for yourself, online shopping with installments might possibly be just what you need to get you started.


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