How I Feel About Shopping Online

how i feelI find online shopping interesting for one reason alone. I find interesting because of how wide the market it is able to tap all at the same time. You can say the same for television shows but even networks have its downtime where all you see are rainbow like colors with the most irritating sound waves that comes along with. The internet however, never sleeps. So online shopping websites are able to tap to literally every person in the country whether they work night shifts and can only go online early the next day or have the rest of the night off.

It still baffles me that so much progress has occurred over the past decade making me wonder just how advanced things would be a decade from now. I still have yet to fully grasp the concept of online shopping because of my fear of getting ripped off but evidently, it’s not as unsafe at it seemed in the past. For instance, there are different methods of payment available that consumers can choose from according to what they feel most comfortable with. I like paying with my credit card because my husband sends money a few days late from abroad. But for those who are fearful of giving out financial bank accounts and would rather wait until they have their package on hand before giving any form of payment, cash on delivery would most likely be the most convenient for them.

Lazada Philippines is one of the very few e-commerce websites acknowledged not only for its collection of products but for the quality of the service they give. As a way to make its customers feel comfortable with their transactions, the award-winning online shopping mall made five different modes of payments available buyers can choose from. They currently have cash on delivery which I mentioned earlier involves nothing more than just filling out a delivery address prior to actual payment which takes place during the delivery itself. It requires less information from the customer and at the same they can be ensured that their money will receive their order before any transaction is made. Another very convenient method of payment that is a personal favorite is Lazada’s method in partnership with Banco De Oro or BDO. This allows payment up to two years depending on the intervals you choose from the available span of payment plan. No interest whatsoever charged on top of the product’s price and delivery charge. The shipment fee can be even given for free if the total amount of consumptions reaches a minimum of P1000. This promo is available to all types of transactions and product purchases. Generally, all credit cardholders under either Visa or MasterCard can buy from Lazada. They can even make use of their PayPal or MegaLink accounts if they are subscribed to either.

If before, there was simply cash and credit based payments, now merchandisers have come up with other resourceful ways to accommodate different types of customers to make room for their wider market coverage.



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