Lazada Philippines Changes the Game for All Other Online Shopping Websites

changes the gameThe impact of E-commerce to our local industry has truly helped boost our economy. Last year, transactions from e-commerce alone garnered over P8 billion in profits making it one of most promising industries in the Philippines. The evolution in electronics has definitely helped make e-commerce transactions more realistic. It’s a lot easier to do now that almost every place you go to has WIFI access and more mobile networks are offering cellular data plans with reasonable rates.

Lazada Philippines is one of the up and coming e-commerce websites in the Philippines today and as a way to reach out to a wider market, it has created its very own mobile application made exclusively for Android users. As if it was not enough that the said e-commerce website was already available for nationwide delivery. But what would you expect from a young company that major investing companies have capitalized on including the likes of J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Summit Partners.

After being named by the Golden Globe Annual Awards as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013, Lazada Philippines has exhausted all its resources into making its services not only exclusive but also high in quality. This year, it has come up with numerous gimmicks to heighten its already unstoppable increase in popularity. It was also called out for being the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook early this year. A news that didn’t come as a surprise given the million following of the website.

It has added features including theme-based magazine-like product advertisements, one-day delivery promos, BDO installment method, priority product discharge from warehouse and many more. And these all happened on top of their already exciting lists of product brands and selections not to mention intense discount rates. However you try to look at it, Lazada Philippines has definitely made it impossible for other e-commerce websites to remove it from its reign.

There are many ways to which you can rate an e-commerce website. You can simply base it on the services available, rates of products, company background, security seals, etc. But unlike before when there were very few shopping websites to choose from, now you can get all the features you like without compromising one. It has become a very competitive industry out there and in return, it has made the services available for us more and more convenient.

Seeing how Filipinos react to the latest electronics or sales, it seems safe to assume that e-commerce shopping will inevitably become the newest method that Filipinos everywhere would be more than happy to accommodate in their everyday life. It doesn’t take up so much of your time and if you’re on a strict schedule, you can pause whatever you’re doing and go back without having to start from scratch. Its efficient and effective in every sense of those words and it’s not just marketing making you think so. You have to try it out to see what you’re missing because you might just be buying something off the rack that you can get for half the price online.


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