Lazada Philippines Review: An Online Venture Perfect For Filipinos Everywhere

venture perfectThe Philippines is involved in multiple profitmaking ventures. But one venture that has recently been applauded is e-commerce. Last year, an estimate of over P8 billion pesos was collected from e-commerce transactions alone making way to a new wave of online business ventures. But regardless of the increase in number of competition, Lazada was still unbeatable taking away the Best Online Shopping Mall from the Golden Globe Annual Awards.

One exceptional factor that makes Lazada Philippines the first stop to numerous online shoppers is its wide range of payment methods. Since the slow rise in the economy is undeniably evident, it makes it harder for many Filipinos to carry on with their usual lifestyles. But it isn’t impossible to maintain either just as long as you have the right options to make use of. With the methods of payment available in Lazada, customers can freely choose from payment terms that are most comfortable for them.

Cash on Delivery is the simplest form of payment the aforementioned website offers. COD as it is most commonly referred to allows payment to be made during the actual delivery. Most Filipinos find it hard to easily trust websites with personal information. Although many security programs have been established, some still insist that the internet can never be fully safe from fraud or illegal operations. To make room for such customers, COD was proposed as the next best thing to an over the counter transaction. All payments including the delivery charge if there are any can be paid only upon the delivery of the package. No payments before said shipment will be asked from the customer giving them a sense of control over their monetary transactions.

Another form of method that the majority of Filipino buyers both offline and online are familiar with is payment with credit card. Lazada also allows payments made on credit just as long as the cardholder is registered under either Visa or Mastercard. This method requires more information as compared to COD. Personal bank account numbers must be submitted online before fully checking out any order. Lazada has been accredited safe by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS is a certified security company that is in charge of testing online selling sites’ security systems from potential internal and external hacking. The award-winning online shop also accepts payments in partnership with either PayPal or MegaLink.

If you’re on a tighter budget and would prefer to pay in installment, you can choose paying using your Banco De Oro or BDO credit card. All payments with a minimum rate of P3000 are eligible to pay up to 2 years of no interest installments. This would likely be the most practical method for all those shoppers who cannot pay in full.

Besides the impressive array of payment methods the website offers, other services like14-day return policy, daily customer service hotline, etc. are available for better accommodation to customers’ concerns. Apart from that the online shopping mall is also commended for its outstanding discount rates available on a regular basis.




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