Lazada’s Reliable Forms of Payment

lazada promise2Lazada has three methods of payments that are distinct from each other but are each in its own rights advantageous to the right customer. It allows payments in cash, credit card and installments. It also offers PayPal and MegaLink but we’ll focus more on the three methods I listed down earlier.

Paying in cash is always more practical. This avoids being buried in debts that credit card expenses normally lead to. But paying in cash might not be as convenient to all. If you see yourself managing your money better by paying simply with cash outright, then cash on delivery or COD is the most realistic method for you. The cash on delivery method works closely to how purchases are made over the counter in malls. The payment process materializes after the submission of the order or basically after checking out unlike how online transactions normally occur. The item/s will be delivered to its corresponding shipping address and the deliveryman will be briefed ahead of time to receive the payment on behalf of the e-commerce website.

Lazada’s official partners in service delivery are LBC and 2GO. All transfers are charged with fixed rates reliant on the delivery address stated in the order form. Shipping within Metro Manila is charged P55 and outside Metro Manila is charged P99. The rates are subject to change normally caused by the weight of the product. These terms might change in circumstances the total amount of purchases total to a minimum of P1000. Those instances automatically discharge customers of any fees making the delivery absolutely free. This condition applies to all types of orders nationwide.

The second method the company has available is VISA or MasterCard credit card payment. All orders can be paid using any credit card under VISA or MasterCard. The same rules apply to how a credit card transaction normally transpires. Account information however should be surrendered and submitted to the company. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS has assessed the e-commerce website’s security ensuring the safety of customers in all private information they give out. This works best for families that rely on fixed resources for financial support but are in need of purchasing their necessities ahead of the delivery of their expected income. But when not properly taken note of, this might lead to an overwhelming list of debts. Customers that have great control over their shopping urges will have no trouble using this method to their advantage.

A form of sub payment under VISA and MasterCard credit card payments comes Banco De Oro or BDO’s installment method that allows partial payments for as long as 2 years with 0% interest. This method only applies to purchases with a minimum worth of P3000. This method however is exclusive to BDO cardholders only.

Whichever method you end up choosing, remember how your ideal preference might not be what you are naturally comfortable with to embody in your routinely online shopping errands. But that doesn’t mean it’s not exactly what you need either. BE SMART.


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