Lazada’s Philippine Venture Bleeds Progress

bleeds progress

A successful business venture can be measured in different ways but ultimately, it must gain revenue above its investment to say that it has earned. And to have an overwhelming number of sales than your projection makes you all the more closer to the top of the pyramid.

Lazada was extremely prosperous in terms of its revenue earning. It won bragging rights after being recognized by the prestigious Golden Globe Annual Awards this year as Best Online Shopping Mall. Facebook was not far off because it also saw the massive impact it produced online after being one of the most talked about consumer brands early this year.

It has received enormous amounts of support from multinational investment companies, which brings us to the list of quality products and impressive customer service it evolved into becoming in just a few months. In a span of a year, it was able to recalibrate all of its services into exactly what Filipinos need and want escalating its status to now of the most respected e-commerce websites in the Philippines.

It has four other counterparts in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam all currently also in business. But it is its own entity and success story in its own rights. It has been featured in many publications including the top two most influential television networks, ABS-CBN and GMA and national newspaper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer. It currently has over one million and four hundred thousand likes on Facebook on top of just launching its official mobile application in partnership with Android.

This progressive online venture has partnered with multiple respectable companies like 2GO, LBC, VISA, MasterCard, BDO, PayPal, MegaLink, etc. 2GO and LBC are the official delivery services of the company that allow shipments to be made possible nationwide. Fixed rates are added on to the existing amount payable according to the location of delivery. But these said rates can be set aside and made free for every minimum single receipt purchase worth P1000. Visa, MasterCard, BDO, PayPal and MegaLink are five of the six methods available on the site that customers can freely choose from. The sixth method being Cash on Delivery or COD which means paying in cash once the package is handed over to the customer on his doorstep.

Shopping online can be a real treat but when you overlook the important details to ensure you of your safety, it can go all kinds of wrong. Lazada has been approved by the PCI DSS, short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which examines the security of online services through a battery of tests. Lazada proved itself to be safe from online spywares that might possibly endanger the personal account information of its customers by successfully passing two tests it was made to take.

Bottomline is, e-commerce is booming and there’s no telling just how far it can go making its future brighter than ever. If its 8 billion pesos in profit mark don’t sway you into thinking the same, then what would?



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