Lazada’s Upscale Services Now Available in the Philippines

mouse-checkLazada Philippines was named as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 for a reason. This year, it banked multiple investments form world-renowned capitalists giving it an even bigger boost to the top from its already impressive resume of being owned by one of top online venture builders in the world, Rocket Internet. Also, the e-commerce industry in the Philippines reportedly grossed more than 8 billion pesos in e-commerce transactions alone making it one of top performing new industries in the country today.

After getting all likes on Facebook that reached to over 1 million in total, Lazada pursued its role as the top leading e-commerce website in the Philippines by producing more services centered to customer satisfaction in all forms and sizes starting with a bigger and wider range of products. Today, it has over 20, 000 products available on stock from numerous leading and aspiring brands in the local market.

It reformatted its transaction methods to the top 5 user-friendliest modes of payments (Cash on Delivery, Visa or MasterCard credit card, PayPal, MegaLink and BDO Installment) making it more accessible to the current diverse online market. Cash on Delivery when simply put is payment at the doorstep where no down payments or reservation fees are required. This is the only method where cash as payment is accepted. The rest all involve payments in forms of either card or membership. All Visa and MasterCard credit cards are acknowledged by the company while both PayPal and MegaLink can be mostly enjoyed by members or aspiring members for that matter. BDO Installment however is open to monthly installments up to two years giving customers more time to properly manage their expenses. Its official delivery service providers are LBC and 2GO with thousands of centers all over the country offering and assuring good quality shipping services.

It escalated its offline marketing to having several features published in different types of media like magazines (Adobo, MEGA), television (ABS-CBN, GMA), newspaper (The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World) and even tapping to The Manila Times.

It has been verified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a security company that specializes on online services, for having a secure program system to protect its customers from having personal information put to the wrong hands.

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, it would be difficult to pick out the good ones from the bad because each one would go the extra mile to exude legitimacy. It is difficult but not impossible with the right set of standards. With more online ventures being created, more precautions and factors must be taken into consideration to serve the best of the customer’s interest. And Lazada went through great heights to make itself the best online shopping mall in the country today.

Lazada Philippines is not alone in its aim for quality longevity as its counterparts in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are all individually looking for a way to stay on top by putting the customers’ needs as priority.





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