Lazada Philippines Review: Mixing it Up with Online Shopping

mixing it upI like trying new things just because I hate conforming to what is safe. I play the banjo and have green hombre hair. So ending up as obsessed to shopping online as my sister came naturally. I immediately became very interested the moment I heard about how some online websites offer payments in installments. I initially thought that online shopping required payment restricted to cash only but apparently, it has become very versatile through the years making a practical choice even for me. I’m not very good with gadgets. The most that I can brag about is the fact that I have a Facebook account as well as a Twitter account just so my friends can tag me.

Online shopping is exhilarating especially in moments where I just feel like finding myself a good pair of jeans or a new set of DVDs to add to my collection. Because online shopping has casually found its way to the houses of many Filipinos, I noticed how payment options are a lot more convenient and flexible now.

The first thing I ever bought online was a water resistant watch with an installed hidden camera from Lazada Philippines a few weeks ago. I know it doesn’t make sense to get one but it was 20% off and I just couldn’t let it slip away. It might have been impulsive but you’ll never really know when you just might need one. It also didn’t hurt that it was one of the Editor’s Picks making it all the more irresistible not to get. I had to get something else besides the watch because I wanted to avail the BDO Installment payment option that a customer with a minimum purchase of P3000 could only avail. I bought a fashion editorial compilation that was just enough to get my bill up to a little over P3000. After that, I bought blocks for my study area in my room that doubled as a chair and a cabinet. Maybe it’s the freshness of it all but I’m definitely still super pumped about finding something to get online in installments again.

I like paying in installments because it lessens the pressure on me when the bills start coming. I wouldn’t mind paying in bulks but having the option to pay in monthly installments instead with no additional interest whatsoever just makes my expenses all the more manageable. I’m thinking of paying in cash next time out of curiosity. I want to be able to experience paying on my doorstep. But I will make sure first that my purchase will be over a thousand to make my delivery fee automatically free. This applies to all types of purchases regardless of the size, weight or category of the item.

I highly suggest getting your very own account on your favorite online store as early as now. Some websites even offer free vouchers for every newsletter subscription. I did that with my Lazada account and I got a P200 voucher, which I am planning to use on my next purchase.






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