Lazada Review: Reliable Payment Options Available from the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013

buy shopLooking for the best online shopping mall? If you’re looking for the website that was officially named best, and then Lazada Philippines would be what you’re looking for. The award winning e-commerce shopping website won the award of Best Online Shopping Mall from the Golden Globe Annual Awards earlier this year.

It currently has five payment options available including two of the most popular online methods today, Cash on Delivery and Credit based payments. It also has three other methods that revolve around credit payments. The BDO Installment is a partnership between Lazada and Banco De Oro that allows customers with a minimum purchase of P3000 and any form of BDO credit card to pay in monthly installments that can last up to 2 years. The PayPal payment option is a simpler way of paying using one’s credit card because it requires membership that stores all credit details necessary to accomplish a payment. The MegaLink payment option resembles PayPal but makes use of memberships in establishments like iBank. Other unique features in the website is its 14-day return policy that allows items to be returned in a 14-day span under valid reasons. But unlike other websites that have very strict and limited grounds for exchange, it has a very lenient return policy as long the items returned maintains its new condition. All deliveries are made exclusively by LBC and 2GO. All deliveries have fixed rates for shipment dependent on whether or not it is inside Metro Manila. But all charges are stripped off for every minimum purchase of P1000.

It sells over 20,000 items, a combination of different kinds of products that makes it one of the best online shopping malls in the Philippines today. It has over 10 categories and each one identifies a specific type of buyer. Its extensive collection gives it more edge among its peers because more types of people nationwide can relate to what are being sold on the website. Besides its extremely impressive background to how it came to be and who is behind its management, it has proved itself worthy in its own right through its diverse methods.

The said e-commerce website is affiliated with Zalora and Price Panda as well. Zalora however is more focused on the industry of beauty and fashion that makes it a different venture entirely. Both should be commended for its individual success. Zalora is under the same company as Lazada, Rocket Internet.  It is an online venture building company that has over 100 successful online ventures worldwide. Five of it resides in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines) each having its very own version of Lazada. Rocket Internet has been known for pioneering exponentially successful online ventures all over the world and Lazada was no exception. It showed great influence on many Filipino buyers today because it has over 1 million likes on Facebook that contributed to it being one of the most talked about consumer brand this year. And with its current standing today, it would be no hard feat that it would not be able to overcome.




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