Seeing Online Shopping in an Entirely Different Perspective

entirely different

Shopping on a regular basis can be tiring. But it doesn’t have to be. Why go through hell figuring out how to get to the mall when you can do just as much shopping from your mobile phone or tablet?

Lazada launches its first official mobile application available exclusively in all Android electronics through Google Play. Look through over 20,000 items from the palm of your hands. You can even put your shopping on pause and go back to where you left off. It’s a definite timesaver for Filipinos always on the run and it’s no doubt a great way to maximize whatever amount of time you have free without worrying about finishing in the nick of time.

Lazada Philippines is an award-winning online shopping mall existing in four other countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. As part of Rocket Internet’s addition to its already impressive list of over a hundred successful online ventures, it makes its way to the top in Southeast Asia by creating ventures like Lazada and Zalora, both with its own branch in the Philippines.

After a successful launch early last year, it needed to expand its coverage even more to compete with its rivals in the same industry. As if it needed to prove itself further, the one-year-old award-winning online shopping mall developed its services improving on its customer service and product options.

Besides having its very own mobile application, it stretched to a wider audience after making it an official partnership with LBC and 2GO. This widened its already nationwide coverage. It also created a new payment option that was exclusive to Banco De Oro (BDO) credit cardholders. This gave consumers a chance to distribute its payments up to 2 years. A very useful tool in making all of its products affordable and easy to manage once the bills start coming. On top of these upgrades, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS also certified it. It’s a security company that assists customers in figuring out the well-protected online shopping malls through a battery of tests. Lazada passed both the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and PCI DSS Security Scan. A huge factor as to why I was willing to buy from the said site during my first time.

I don’t mind dressing up to go to the mall at all. In fact, I lived for that sort of thing. I love taking pictures of myself with my favorite outfits. But eventually, I would have to repeat clothes making the whole point of going to malls fun disappear. So just like any normal teenager, I’d resolve to what technology has to offer and that is online shopping. I’m proud to say I have found many of my best finds online. Best finds not just because of its prices but also because of the quality of the said products.

Online shopping websites definitely gave me a whole new perspective on shopping and I have definitely made it a regular activity because of how much it helped me carry on with my kind of lifestyle.





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