azada review: Effective Payment Options for Various Types of Filipino Online Shoppers

Beautiful young woman shopping over internetLazada Philippines establishes a more user-friendly method of payment with Banco De Oro’s Installment option. Now, Filipinos can maximize their BDO credit cards as they go unlimited shopping in Lazada’s list of over 20,000 products combined. All buyers can avail the said payment option when they reach a minimum amount of P3000 collectively or not in one single receipt. This puts shopping online in an entirely different pedestal! Imagine being able to fund your guilty pleasures without sacrificing your peace of mind. Now, you can splurge on your favorites and not expect your eyeballs to pop right out once the bills start coming in. You can choose between five different terms of payments that will determine your uniform monthly charge. The five terms are three, six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months. That’s up to a total of two years to pay for something as low as P3000. You can pay for as low as P125 and not even notice you’re paying with so little amount charged on your monthly bill.

Filipinos dread bill payments. But it’s something we all have to learn to live with. Lazada in partnership with one of the most influential banks in the Philippines, BDO, figured out a way to make it possible for Filipinos to peacefully accomplish their payables without having to break a sweat. With BDO installment method, you can finally breathe easily after each purchase because it will barely make a dent on your bank account.

Other payment options available in the website that are more general as compared to the BDO installment are Cash on Delivery, VISA or MasterCard credit card, PayPal and Megalink. Each matches specific types of Filipino payers in the process.

Cash On Delivery is the most ideal payment method for those who would rather pay in cash. It closely resembles paying over the counter and as far as information required from the customer, it is the safest. Cash On Delivery or simply known as COD requires payment only upon delivery. LBC or 2GO, the two official deliver services Lazada is associated with will be the one to receive directly any forms of payments. All customers have to do is provide all necessary personal information like name and address. If you’re not into giving out personal credit details, then Cash on Delivery is a great match for you.

VISA or MasterCard credit payments are in the same line as BDO. Although this doesn’t allow payments in installments but instead only allow straight payments in full, it comes very handy to those who would rather not pay in cash and instead get it immediately accomplished through respective banks. Only credit cards under either VISA or MasterCard are accepted. Both holds regular sales so just like any method of payment, it has its good days and advantages.

PayPal and MegaLink are very similar. Registrations to membership are required to be able to properly make use of such method. A lot of Filipinos prefer this to other methods because it has its own security making customers feel twice as protected.



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