My Dream Entertainment Room

I am a movie junkie. I enjoy watching lots of films in various genres, be it action, suspense, comedy, horror, family, or cheesy romance. Yes, I think cheesy romance can still be artsy in a way. Because of my love for film, I was gifted free movie passes or tickets many times by friends and family. And I love getting them! Watching movies in the cinema can really cause my wallet to become anorexic. That’s no fun. So I thought, if I were to get my own home or pad in the future, I would definitely want to have an entertainment room. I would invest on it and enjoy so many weekends in it.

Remember those entertainment rooms in MTV Cribs? Well, I am not that ambitious but I still would want some of the things featured there. I think it would be great to have comfy seating like a La-Z Boy. To accommodate more people, it would be great to have bean bags and a plump couch for that. Then, a great sound system and dim lighting would surely be perfect. Finally, I want a projector instead of TV. I could use that projector during work presentations, too! Lazada has this Epson one I’ve been eyeing. Posters of my favorite movies would be framed and placed on the walls.



External Battery Conspiracy

Many smartphones from various makers are being introduced within a short period of time. Yet, these “smart” phones always come with “dumb” batteries. Why pack so many features in a smartphone yet give it a poor battery performance? Could it be that these smartphones have tied up with external battery manufacturers to have a win-win situation over profiting from consumers? It’s just my two cents, really. But we never know unless we really think about it and maybe dig a little deeper. Paging investigative journalists and business researchers! Here’s your chance on a good topic! Don’t forget to credit me though. lol

Travel Chic

The true fashionista will have to have a good wardrobe wherever she goes. If you want to be a true fashionista, then invest on clothes that are durable and rarely goes out of style. Also, you should still look well-dressed even while traveling. Here’s some nice chic travel style that might inspire you.

Dreaming of Paradise

Perfect when you’re going on a cruise or to a heavenly beach.

dreaming of paradise

Airport Chic

Travel like a star.

airport chic

Outdoor Fab

You don’t have to look all-rugged and unfeminine for the outdoors.

outdoor fab

Winter Glam

You can still keep warm without compromising style.

winter glam

Motivational Songs

Feeling like in the dumps lately? Maybe you need to listen to some motivational music to make the clouds go away. Here’s some music that I like to listen to whenever I feel a bit blue.

Lazada Philippines Review: Trusting the Most Reliable shopping website

high reliability

It is not easy to readily trust an online shopping website or any type of online company for that matter. There are a lot of reasons why people wouldn’t readily trust e-commerce and other online shopping websites and we are going to go through all of those things later on. However, there is an online shopping website that consumers can easily trust and not just because they said they are reliable or they unleashed some sort of a very smart information or marketing campaign to woo their customers over. It is none of those things. It is rather the true and innate characteristic of this company that makes it the most reliable, truthful and honest to goodness online shopping website. That website I am talking about is called Lazada .

A company can be reliable in one particular area of its business and lack in others but Lazada is the real deal and can be considered as a complete package. It is definitely reliable on almost everything, probably not everything because well there is no perfect company, nobody is perfect even the greatest person or the greatest company can still have some small diminutive flaws but to a minimal level. So Lazada is a company that can be considered as the real deal and a complete package and we are going to examine why and go through all the major operational parts of the business. First things first is online payment security, I mentioned this  first because this is the first item that gets examined and put through close scrutiny whenever online shopping reliability is being mentioned and brought up to the table. The company first of all offers two methods of payments for their products and that in itself is already a demonstration of reliability. They are considered reliable in that aspect because they provide customers with options and do not put any direct restrictions on how customers can pay their purchases.

The two payment methods that the company offers are the credit card payment and cash on delivery payment. Both are very relevant and useful depending on the preference of the consumer using them. For those people who has the capability to acquire a credit card, the credit card payment is of course one of the first options and for the people who does not own one then they can just go for the cash on delivery payment although people with credit cards can still opt to pay with cash on delivery if they want to. The payment system is reliable  and safe especially the credit card because Lazada uses the latest in data encryption and security technologies and it is audited annually or periodically by known online security council and has the stamp of approval from them verifying that the website is  secured for credit card users. Other thing where Lazada is reliable is in customer service, product inventory, delivery and website availability. They always have available customer service personnel on the phone, fresh inventory, products always get delivered on time and website has never been down and is always updated.

You have to rely on Lazada because it is simply that reliable

200543093-001Reliability can be looked at in so many different ways but more often than not accountability defines and makes a company. Other companies or most of them come up with a lot of marketing ploys and strategies just to attract a huge following at first. So many promises unleashed onto consumers, with the huge amount of promises the chances of those promises being unfulfilled increases as well. Today we are going to talk about the reliability of the Philippines online shopping mall  and how they fare on other things concerning reliability. The company is reliable in every area of the business and we are going to dissect how reliable they are in those different areas. First of all is fulfilment of promotions, Lazada definitely stand out in this area of the business because they are known to always hold the end  of the bargain and provide their consumers what was promised to them. A lot of companies and business entities fail in this category; they would promise something and not fulfil it when you reach the end of the deal. They would put out some vague advertisements that could be easily misinterpreted and may look like a really pretty good deal for the customer. LAzada shines through in this part because they always give customers what they promise.

How did I prove that Lazada Philippines always hold on to their end of the bargain? I have tried participating in their promotions several times . There is always something going on with Lazada, they seem to never run out of promotions and discounts to give customers and what is good about it is that they are all great deals for the consumers. What is even greater is that they never fail to fulfil the promise whether it is a discount, a voucher, a freebie, a promo code or the best price guarantee or the lowest price guarantee. I tried the best price guarantee once and I was amazed how they matched the price that I gave them. I was looking at this Samsung Galaxy note one time and I found that another online store is offering the same item, model and brand at a slightly lower price. The price difference was not that much but it still is savings. For a discerning consumer and self-professed smart consumer like me every small discount that I could get my hands on absolutely matters. So I brought it up to Lazada customer service by sending a detailed email of where I found the same item with the lower price. The process was so simple, if you found a similar item being offered for a lower price in other online stores, Lazada will issue a voucher for the difference and that voucher can be used for your next Lazada online shopping. The difference in price that I found was not that much probably just a couple of hundred bucks but it was worth it and I love the feeling that I am getting the best price possible and Lazada is reliable enough to hold the end of the deal and actually award it to me.

The different ways to see Lazada’s reliability

different way to seeThe topic about online security is always inevitable not to be brought when the subject being discussed is online shopping and e-commerce. It is simply a single aspect that a lot of consumers are concerned about before they jump into a patronize a particular online shopping company. However, online security is just a single facet or aspect of online shopping reliability and should not be given favour in such a way that other factors are going to be neglected, overlooked and forgotten. Online shopping reliability is more than just online security, it is about a number of things and factors like, quality of products, reliability of information as relayed by a customer service personnel representing the company, the payment methods being offered, the quality of customer service, the promptness of delivery, the availability of products and overall company credentials and background.

There is a local online retail shopping store that’s as reliable as you can get and they are known to be reliable on all the aspects and factors that I have mentioned earlier, that company is Lazada Philippines  it is a best example of an online shopping company that constitutes all of the reliability criteria. The company provides reliability through the first-rate, superior and excellent services they offer as well as premium high quality products and customer service. That is on top of the idea that they employ the top of the line security protocols to ensure that consumer information is safe online. My personal experience regarding the company’s reliability is not all about online payment security but it is more of the delivery turnaround time. I am a stickler for details when it comes to this particular aspect of online shopping because I am the type of person that does not want to wait for my purchases. I like to see my new toy or the new stuff that I bought as soon as I checked it out of the website. That is why, companies like lazada that has the ability to deliver fast while maintaining the quality of the products are champions in my book.

Going back to lazada and how they do deliveries, The Company offers the fastest delivery timeframe and it is like that all the time. I tested lazada’s delivery reliability and I was not put down. There was this one time when I needed a gift for my cousin’s 18th birthday. It was very important because she actually has a wishlist and there are specific items that she wants, one of them is an iPad and that is what was left on the wishlist because I got to it a little bit late. I was not concerned about the price but I was concerned about whether it is going to be delivered on the day of my cousin’s birthday celebration. So I placed my order and before I fully made it through the check out, I called the customer service hotline and asked them to have the delivery expedited. True enough, in real lazada fashion, the item came in on time and in great condition. Thanks to Lazada for being absolutely reliable.