Lazada Flawlessly Ventures to Philippine Soil


Lazada isn’t new to the e-commerce scene. Besides its venture here in the Philippines, it has other versions in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia making it a jack-of-all-trades not just in product selection but in its ability to adapt to whatever area it is located at.

Last year, Rocket Internet gave birth to a powerhouse e-commerce venture. Lazada Philippines currently holds the title as Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 and as an award winning website, it carries the burden of not only meeting its consumers’ expectations but also exceeding it. And it was not short at doing just that giving Filipino online shoppers more reason to fall in love all over again with its better array of selections at discounted rates.

Sometimes it can get very repetitive when you search something online. Every website will consist of almost the same thing but priced differently every time. And that can be very frustrating especially if you’re on a short leash. The good thing about searching from an online mall is you get the best options but in a more condensed format. It’s easier to take your pick but at the same time, you’re not left with options that are of poor quality.

Lazada takes shopping online to a whole new level by focusing on extending its range when it comes to product choices. With more than 20,000 items to date, it is able to reach out to a wider audience bringing in more potential profit. Its competitiveness and eagerness to provide nothing but the best is undeniable.

Its drive to maintain its title is financially driven by not just Rocket Internet alone. It has made headlines for gaining international support from investors like J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Summit Media, Holtzbrink, Kinnevik and many more. As a venture that is focused mainly on consignment, these funds play a big role in giving the company with more breathing space for growth.

It has been featured multiple times but its popularity was not made apparent through media advertisement alone. This year, Facebook acknowledged the company as the most talked about consumer brand during the height of its first year anniversary celebration proving once again that it has made a mark in the lives of many Filipinos.

As an online buyer, we look for the basics but hope for the best. Security and quality are my top two concerns each time before I finalizing any transaction. Lazada has definitely made itself known to be not only good at product selling but also safe in all ways possible. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS handles account information of customers to make sure that it stays private and safe. It passed all of PCI DSS’ assessment tests making it undeniably safe for all kinds of transactions.

The Industry of E-commerce raised billions last year and hopefully it can increase its profits with the help of more quality e-commerce ventures such as Lazada. Because with technology taking over, it seems like it’s a method all Filipinos will inevitably have to learn to love.



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