Lazada Review: Payment without worries

payment without worriesWhen I need to go online shopping for stuff that I need around the house, I do not second guess and just go to  that automatic preference for the Philippines online shopping mall is not only because of the great items and products that they got in stock, the huge and lengthy selection of goods, the high energy, focused, passionate and dynamic online shopping experience, the shopping categories available but also due to the simple, convenient and hassle free payment services that they offer to their millions of avid online shoppers and consumers.

What is the huge fuss about the payment services and payment methods? Do we even call that a service? Isn’t it a given that retail companies or any other types of businesses for that matter will naturally accept payments for the goods that they sold and services they rendered to their consumers?  Why is it that having alternative payment options is very important for an online shopping website? Well there is a very simple reason for that, of course they got to get paid to continue doing business but in the case of online shopping, it more about reaching out to a wider audience and customer base. Think about it, if an online shopping retail store only provides credit cards as the only means of making payments, that will effectively push away consumers that do not own credit cards and in upcoming or developing markets like the Philippines, the idea of wide credit card usage for purchases is not that well-accepted yet unlike how it is in first world developed nations.

Albeit credit card ownership has caught on during the recent years because of the improved economy and the emergence of the yuppie generation, there is still this huge segment of the population that is not up to the use of the so called mighty plastic.  What does it entail to online shopping companies? Well companies who stick to the credit card payment method will definitely miss out on the sales volume that could come from the non-credit card using population which represents at least 70 to 80% of the consumer market. That is why a lot of those newcomers in the local e-commerce industry like the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada Philippines opted to introduce innovative payment methods to seize and capture the non-credit card holding market segments. The payment method of course that stands out is the cash on delivery payment method and as obvious as it could get, the cash on delivery payment allows the consumer to pay the item only when it arrives. It lessens the worry about putting money upfront and having the item getting lost while in transit although that scenario is not likely with Lazada. That is not saying that the credit card payment method offered by Lazada is not one of the best being offered. Lazada offers the best payment methods whether it is cash or through credit cards. Lazada’s credit card payment is the number one in terms of security and reliability. That is absolutely payment without any worries.


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