The Evolution of Lazada Philippines

the evolution

To say that Lazada is successful would be an understatement. After being named as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013, more people have grown fonder of the popular online shopping mall that translates to its profits so far. But who wouldn’t be drawn to its appeal when most of the products you see on its homepage are tagged consistently as on sale.

If you thought treats were limited to the holidays only, then you definitely have yet to experience full-blown sales the way Lazada celebrates it. Whether it’s a casual family Sunday or a dull Thursday night out, you can expect extensive selections of the latest cheapest thrills from the sites.

What’s so great about it?

Unlike most stores that bank on physical appearance alone and have trouble following through in terms of shelf life or durability, Lazada strictly follows that standard. Customers can freely select from more than 20, 000 items. Each one comes with a 14-day return pass. This policy allows customers to ship back to the warehouse any of the items they ordered unless products are deemed too sensitive due to hygienic reasons. The list of valid conditions for item to be acceptable for either an exchange or refund can be found on the option bars below each page. You are guaranteed good quality products each time because if it isn’t, you can always give it back.

It was formed in the grounds of Makati, the business district in Metro Manila early months of 2012. It has equivalent business structure and name in other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Since all websites fall under Lazada, it becomes directly associated to its owner, Rocket Internet. This online builder is known worldwide for unfailingly winning over every country it expands to giving it more than 100 successful ventures in only a little over a decade. It started in the soil of Germany and has now flourished with over 50 main offices all over the world.

The award winning online shopping mall is a venture that aims to please every type of online buyer there is with a range of over 20, 000 products to choose from. It has a nationwide coverage when it comes to delivering product/s to its respective owners. The company’s official delivery partner, LBC and 2GO exclusively power all shipments. These are two of the largest delivery companies in the country to date. Deliveries normally follow two types of fixed rates. Both rate vary based on the location of the delivery address. For all deliveries made within the bounds of Metro Manila, a certain rate applies. The same concept goes with all shipments outside the Metro.

Because the company has more than a million U.S. dollars in funds from its different international investors, it carries more burdens to perform well. But it seems like it never fails to please as each month, the website launches something brand new for customers to look forward to. Whether it’s a new payment option or a better promo offer, the shopping mall made especially for Filipinos have made it far.





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