Lazada Philippines Review: Two simple payment methods that will suit anyone

two simple payment methodsNot a lot of online shopping websites are like the Philippines’ number one online shopping mall this company provides its consumers several ways to make payments online. More often than not, a lot of online shopping websites will  only offer its consumers and shoppers one payment method and I do not really have to tell you what that default payment method is but I am telling you anyway just in case. That payment method that I am talking about that a lot of online shopping companies all over the world offer by default is the credit card payment of course, the great plastic.

It is very sensible for merchants to offer this kind of payment because it is readily accessible and very easy to do which definitely has a place in the world of online shopping where everything happens electronically. I myself do not use credit cards a lot whenever I go online shopping well at least that is what I do these days because there are other payment methods available for me to use. But there was a time when I was doing online shopping several years back when I was really very heavy on the credit card usage. It was not like I was a credit card fan boy or something it was just that there was simply no other choice for me as far as paying my purchases go and adding to the fact that most online shopping companies I shop on way back then are mostly located overseas and they do not offer any option other than the credit card method.

Like what I have said, I like to use my credit card but only on special occasions and emergencies where it is the only available. I do not revel in the idea to indulge in my retail desires using money that I do not have yet. I guess I have learned my lesson when I have gone on default once and my credit card balance was sent out by the credit card issuer to one of their collection agencies.  Such a classic credit card debt story that I do not want to happen to me again. That is why; nowadays I just stick to paying in cash. That is why I was so glad and excited when I heard that there is an online shopping company that is offering its consumers an alternative way to pay. That payment method is the cash on delivery payment system. It is very easy to use and very simple to do. You really do not need to do anything but place your order and wait for it to arrive, when it arrives, you hand the cash over to the delivery person and that is it. This payment method allowed a lot of people to get into online shopping since there are not a lot of consumers that owns credit cards. It also added to the popularity of online shopping as a worthwhile activity online. Lazada definitely hit closer to home when they offered two of the simplest payment methods available.




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