Lazada Review: I say SALES is the way to go


Imagine being completely submerged in your shopping fantasy and totally losing it after being bombarded by countless number of bills in need of payment in a few days.

It’s nasty, right? Well, you don’t have to feel so handicapped about it anymore. Yes, it sucks to have to lose money. But let’s be realistic about how if we want to get things, we need to give some sort of compensation in return. So now that we have that settled, how do you manage to let go of so much money without totally going bonkers? Easy.

There are actually a lot of ways to make this happen. You can do first most practical thing ever and just not buy anything, at least nothing unnecessary. If you can live without it, drop it. And by live, I mean literally survive and not die in shame. Because we all know how human beings are incapable of feeling contented and the more money we earn, the bigger the kind of lifestyle we live in becomes.

But I won’t vouch that will work because I know the satisfaction shopping brings me and I would never want to have to sacrifice it especially since I have been saving all my life and I basically have everything I need to save on like a house and a car. I’ll tell you about how I keep my life simple in bills but glamorous in everything else.

I don’t buy anything that’s not on sale.

You don’t believe me? If you’ve seen a girl with multiple shopping bags in the mall as if she’s trying to refurnish her entire house, then you’ve probably seen me. The image of who I really am to say the least.

But as time went by, I saw how very few stores actually hold legitimate sales that I can actually finally afford. 5% discounts don’t cut it anymore for me. Yes, it’s better than nothing. But I don’t settle because I have witnessed bigger sales and I know it isn’t impossible to find myself in a room full of breathtakingly big sales.

But thing is, that only works when there are season or end of the month sales. I don’t have that much patience especially when I’m itching for something new. So if you can’t find anything on sale in your nearest mall, you can try out shopping online for a change.

Online shopping websites are very popular these days. And with the competition growing, a lot of online malls gear towards making its website affordable through stacks of discounted products everyday. Some sites don’t wait for the season to end to be able to brag about its affordability.

Lazada Philippines is a great example of this type of marketing strategy. But it doesn’t stop with the sales. It has great payment options to accompany their already inexpensive products. The BDO Installment method makes all types of purchases 24 times more affordable. And by 24, I’m referring to the 2-year installment plan BDO offers for every minimum purchase of P3000.

Feel free to comment other strategies you have come up with or discovered in the box below. I’ll be more than happy to try it out for myself!



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