Lazada Philippines Review: A certified shopping partner

certified shopping partnerIt is very difficult to readily trust online shopping website these days especially when there are one hundred online shopping websites for every block of internet space. It is like a tiangge or one of those siomai kiosks that you see populating the MRT and LRT train stations. Given that predicament however, there is an exception, when it comes to the online shopping website that I readily trust, I only give my faith to just one website and that is the Philippines online shopping mall  and I am going to let you in on the reason why this is my top choice and my go to online shopping website.  The almost overnight boom of e-Commerce sites can be blamed (ironically, I used that term in a positive manner) to the proliferation and easy availability of internet access that everyone who wields iPhones, tablets, laptops and androids have the capability to do online shopping provided they have access to the internet which is absolutely abundant and a dime a dozen these days. The influence of the internet even spilled over to the realm of traditional businesses that stores with no prior online presence have dived in and took the plunge so they can take advantage of the easy marketing benefits of the internet or the World Wide Web. Despite the popularity of the internet and the advances in technology in terms of online security, there are still some websites out there or rather unscrupulous individuals that establishes bogus websites to rip people off of their money. That is why it is very important to look around first and determine if the online shopping website that you are going to get into is a certified online shopping partner just like our favorite online shopping mall and online retail store Lazada PH

Like what I have said, looking around first and doing some research before taking a full nose dive, and going straight for the checkout counter is a very important undertaking that you need to accomplish first if you want to make sure that the website you are on is legitimate or not. Don’t be in a hurry, just relax and take it easy. Do not be trigger happy so to speak. Always look for the tell-tale signs of bogus websites and opt for the trusted ones like Lazada. Always check if the website lists a physical address and if they have a seal of certification coming from an online security council like PCI-DSS just like what Lazada has.

Another thing to check is the customer service hotline number, try to dial it and see if you could speak to a live person, a lot of companies these days have foregone the importance of having someone on the phone to answer a customer’s query. I must say that, from a customer’s point of view that hearing a voice is very reassuring compared to the cold, indifferent feeling that you get when corresponding through email or a support ticket. Look for a company that puts customer service personnel on the phone to answer questions. That is how Lazada Philippines is doing it and that is why, in my books, the company is truly a certified reliable online shopping partner.



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