Online shopping is easier with cash on delivery payment

online shopping is easierThe goal of online shopping in the grand scheme of things is to provide consumers with the convenience that they otherwise will not get in other forms of traditional shopping. That is the main reason why the online retail store and currently the local industry’s contender for the top online retail company spot Lazada Philippines came up with the most convenient and highly reliable payment method when they first started about a year and a half ago. That payment method is cash on delivery payment but of course they still do offer credit cards as the default payment system like what regular online shopping websites would normally offer.

The company like what I have said provides both payment methods to cater to both ends of the spectrum, the main goal of which is to capture and cater to different market classes and segments unlike how it is if they are just offering a single mode of payment. Normally before, credit cards were the main payment method; it is the industry staple so to speak because of its convenience and easy to use format. It is electronic as well and very easy to track. However it effectively limited the number of consumers that are allowed to do online shopping to just who else? But only the credit card owners and those non-credit card holders even though they want to participate can’t do anything about it. The introduction of the cash on delivery payment service allowed the company to get to the bigger bulk of the market and stimulate their interest in online shopping and the conveniences it could bring to the table.

I myself got into the online shopping habit because of the cash on delivery payment method where it is very easy for me to do online transactions and make purchases. Not like before when I was using y credit card to shop in online shopping websites located outside the country and makes me lose sleep over it because of anxiety about online credit card fraud and identity theft which luckily did not happen to me and I am very thankful for. Nowadays online shopping for me is like going to the neighborhood store; I could just order anything that I want and anything that I fancy I got cash to pay for it. I do not need to go out to the mall, take public transportation and battle with crowds of commuters just to pick up a small item. If I need something, or if I want to buy a very small article of clothing like a shirt, I just go to Lazada Philippines, order my stuff from them and have it delivered to my door step.

The best thing about it is that I do not have to worry about any credit card and things like that because I just pay in cash and it is as simple as it can get. No hassles, no worries just straight and pure online shopping enjoyment that we all deserve as consumers.



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