My Dream Entertainment Room

I am a movie junkie. I enjoy watching lots of films in various genres, be it action, suspense, comedy, horror, family, or cheesy romance. Yes, I think cheesy romance can still be artsy in a way. Because of my love for film, I was gifted free movie passes or tickets many times by friends and family. And I love getting them! Watching movies in the cinema can really cause my wallet to become anorexic. That’s no fun. So I thought, if I were to get my own home or pad in the future, I would definitely want to have an entertainment room. I would invest on it and enjoy so many weekends in it.

Remember those entertainment rooms in MTV Cribs? Well, I am not that ambitious but I still would want some of the things featured there. I think it would be great to have comfy seating like a La-Z Boy. To accommodate more people, it would be great to have bean bags and a plump couch for that. Then, a great sound system and dim lighting would surely be perfect. Finally, I want a projector instead of TV. I could use that projector during work presentations, too! Lazada has this Epson one I’ve been eyeing. Posters of my favorite movies would be framed and placed on the walls.



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