The Problem with Internet

Internet connectivity has been proven to be helpful to life. But too much of a good thing can be bad. One disadvantage of this information highway is the fast spread of rumors or gossip. It can be harmful to a person. It’s cool since it can easily reveal who the person really is. But it can be damaging to him or her as well. It’s all fun and games but once you become the victim, will you be able to handle it?

But is it really the Internet that’s harmful? No. It’s the people that use it. Like how a normal pencil can be turned into a deadly tool to poke an eye or stab someone, the Internet is pretty much the same thing.

Often, famous people are mostly targeted to be subjects of gossip and online hounding. But offline, they still are subject to it. Also, some become famous as they become subject to controversy. That’s the price of fame, I guess. Here are people who have lately become hot topics online:


Tito Sotto
tito sotto


Nancy Binay

nancy binay


Janet Lim Napoles

janet lim napoles


Anne Curtis

anne curtis


I am not sympathizing with the aforementioned people. I just listed them here. (Photo credit linked to images).


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