Awesome Things to Do While In The Pool

Most people prefer the beach over swimming pools. Why? Because it’s less boring at the beach. Well if you want to do more in the pool rather than lounging beside it or taking a couple of laps, here are some ideas that you might want to try.

Practice Tumble Turn

If the pool is deep enough, you can practice this so that you would have a much easier interval for doing another lap during your exercise.


Beach volleyball is fun but have you tried it in the water? Inflatable nets can be bought and it’s fun since the water adds to the challenge when you try to catch the ball. You can share  a couple of laughs, too, whenever you sink into the water for attempting to catch the ball.

Reverse Swim

You know how you try to swim underwater by releasing a few air? When you almost touch the bottom of the pool because you really swim under? Try doing it reverse. Release a couple of air and face upwards. You’ll either see yourself or see above the water. You can “lie” down on the bottom of the pool, too.

awesome things to do while in the pool


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